One thought on “USA: Florida to take lead in investigating Covid-19 Jab Crimes”

  1. Well, it’s long past time someone steps up and calls the gov’ts (all of thosewho bought into the lies), big Pharma, and their propaganda mills ( aka mainstream media), on the lies ( not mis-, but intentional DIS-information), and all the harm done, much of which has yet to reveal itself openly. The psychological, spiritual, and physical harm associated with the lockdowns, the mask mandates, and the jabs themselves, may, ultimately be incalculable, in reality. Can we everknow how many were denied, or forewent testing, routine care, etc, for new or chronic ailments that exacerbated greatly due to the fear-mongering, and/or refusal on the part of the medical community TO deal with much but covid? Will we ever measure accurately the psychological damage from the communication impediment of the mask mandates, or the physical harm of it to the pre-born whose mothers were wearing them? Other damage may be more assessible, or may not.
    But the harm that the shattered trust of the people for their gov’t, at all levels, and for gov’t agencies intended for protection of our lives and health, is among the worst damage, and perhaps the most irreparable, in the long run.

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