YouTube puts Video of B16 International Rally under limited restrictions

FromRome.Info discovered today that YouTube has placed our video coverage of the International Benedict XVI Rally under limited distribution, without any notice or explanation.

We believe this was done at the request of the Vatican Secretary of State.

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5 thoughts on “YouTube puts Video of B16 International Rally under limited restrictions”

  1. It obviously has to be intentional. Can’t be an accident that something so innoffensive, generally unknown of and “under the radar” of the vast majority of the world’s population, come to the attention of YouTube moderators without it being because it was requested by someone.

    And i find it fascinating to think of how something of such profound significance and impact as the matter of Pope Benedict’s impeded see and exile, something which I believe impacts our world in ways that would seem utterly unrelated to most people, is actually totally unknown by most people.

    And it occurred to me that of all the various “tells” that tell us something is going on, there is another “tell” which I hadn’t thought of but that seems so obvious to me now that the thought occurred to me. Namely, the fact that (to my knowledge) no mainstream news outlet, whether it be CNN, NBC, NewYork Times, CBC here in Canada, or name just about any other news outlet (at least in the English and French speaking worlds), none of them ever covered what should be a “hot story” of “Catholics who believe Benedixt is still Pope”.

    It just occurred to me 2 days ago how strange this is. Think about it. It’s an interesting story as far as journalism goes. One doesn’t have to be Catholic or even Christian to see how this would make for interesting journalism. Even if the journalism was a hit piece, your still think some outlets would cover this merely to get eyeballs on their pages. When a Pope dies and a new one elected, like when JP2 died, that certainly attracts media attention even though a very large part of their audience isn’t Catholic. They don’t reason that it isn’t worth covering because their audience isn’t necessarily Catholic. C’mon, it’s the Catholic Church…love her or hate her, anything of importance regarding her governance is certainly news worthy. Yet, I’m not aware of any such journalism.

    And so, what could explain this obvious lapse in journalism other than a directive not to cover it? It seems those who direct the media narratives and what they do or don’t cover, do not want this topic to get any attention whatsoever, even negative attention, lest the public become too curious and start looking into this themselves.

    If Benedict’s “resignation” was so obviously valid, and Francis was so obviously the Pope, what is there to be afraid of. Bring on the public’s attention and curiosity! It will be easy to prove Bergoglio is Pope and put this story to rest, and make a fool of all whom are suspicious of Bergoglio! But why give up that opportunity? Obviously, to me at least, because they know they can’t prove he is the Pope.

    I’m open to hearing another attempted explanation as to why MSM won’t touch this story. But so far, it seems to me exeedingly telling there is an agenda if after so many years of “Pope Fancis” and the fact that some still believe Benedict to be Pope is extremely “news worthy”, yet there is still no front page coverage on this topic.

    1. Catholic publications do participate in narrative control meetings. They are told what to and not to publish, even what narratives to follow, so that they cover all topics and yet unite in not covering some topics. They are unwittingly or not, globlist shills.

      1. …which is is dismaying, to say the least.

        And I have no difficulty believing you, given that “Increasing number of Catholics believe Benedict is, and has been, Pope since resigning in 2013”, would make for such an interesting headline that i can hardly imagine a news room chief turning it down unless directed to do so.

        Buy as i think of it, a sort of analogy to our Lord just occurred to me. Not that I compare any Pope to our Lord, but inwas suddenly struck with the thought about how our Lord was on the world and the world did not recognize him. He was right there, one man amongst the hustle and bustle of an entire world chugging along, and the world did not recognize that the entire world revolved around this one man and what we was doing and about to do. One man towards whom all of history is directed, both forwards and backwards, and the world did not recognize it but for a relative few who were chosen.

        And similarly, here we have a whole busy world, a plethora of “current events” keeping our attention, a world of “information overload”, a world with so much “going on”, and meanwhile there is a little frail old man, whom the world has forgotten and does not recognize who he is, a man whom while the world remains oblivious to him, is a man around which, in a certain sense, the fate of the world revolves. And the world doesn’t even come close to knowing it.

        ….and then I wonder, “how is it that a sinner like me was “chosen” (I guess) to be amongst the minority of Christians, and amongst an extreme minority of humans, to know this?” “I am surely a greater sinner than many who do not know this, and, may never come to know and believe this. Why has God allowed me to come to know this?”

        Lord have mercy, and let not the grace of this knowledge be given to me in vain. Let me not be amongst those who knew the truth and yet perished. Let me not be amongst these most miserable of creatures.

  2. Imagine there’s no googler
    It’s easy if you try
    No u-tubers to censor you
    And nothing to tweet by

    Imagine no more weffers
    Killing babies left and right

    You-u-u-u… You may say I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    Soon they will kick the bucket
    And in Hell they will reside!

  3. Having shared the ‘live transmission’ video to my FB page I can, thankfully, continue to distribute it amongst Catholic FB groups.

    But the enemy will no doubt continue to seek every possibility to suppress the truth…….!

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