Br. Bugnolo’s Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI for Christmas


Sua Santità Papa Benedetto XVI
Monastero “Mater Ecclesiae”
Città del Vaticano

December 17, 2020 A. D.

Your Holiness,

I write to wish you a Merry Christmas full of all the Blessings of the Child of Bethlehem, our Lord Jesus Christ, of Our Blessed Mother Mary, and of the ever vigilant and dutiful Saint Joseph (Genesis 50:21).

It has been 10 years since we had the grace to see you celebrate Christmas with us in the Basilica of Saint Peter and the Catholic world has suffered greatly on this account.

Because, as is clear, the Petrine Munus is not something created by men or invented through the long ages of Church History by some saint or council. It is a gift directly from the one, true Living God, Who being the most Simple Being concedes this gift only to one man at any given time (cf. Isaiah 45:5).

But this gift is also a charge, just as the Latin word has a twofold signification. For Saint Peter received this on account of the Mandate the Lord Jesus Gave Him to feed his sheep and care for his lambs.

Nevertheless, this gift, which enables the only one who holds it, to bear the Keys of the Kingdom of Heaven (Gospel of St. Matthew, Chapter 16, verse 19), and receive the omnipotent efficacy of the prayer of Our Lord, that his faith may never fail, bears with it a responsibility or Verantvortung which is separable from it.

This is so because just as all those Saints who have been Popes have not ceased to care for the Church of God on Earth, after their heavenly glorification, so they too continue to have a responsibility for the Church of Rome in a manner which is unique. Yes, they have passed beyond the cloister Gate of Heaven to intercede for us through a ministry of prayer, intercession and divine interventions, some of which they obtain by prayers and others they concede when the Divine Majesty sends them on missions to our world.

But in this world, the man who holds the Petrine Munus, howsoever strong or weak he be in mind or spirit, is bound not only to a service of prayer but also of action. For otherwise, why would Our Lord use the verb, “feed” when He exhorted the Apostle on the shores of the lake, after His Resurrection (Gospel of St. John, Chapter 21, verses 15-17)?

There is now in the Church of God tremendous confusion and hundreds of millions are in danger of damnation on this account. This confusion arises from not knowing who is the man who holds the Petrine Munus, and following a wolf who has entered into the sheepfold and who is with his gang of predators, savaging millions of hearts and minds with his daily blasphemies, heresies, apostasies and idolatries.

In the face of this most horrible attack on the Flock of Christ in 2000 years, we the faithful are all victims (cf. Romans 8:36).

While there are many who are truly confused (cf. Romans 10:15), there are nevertheless many who know the truth. Of these most are willing to publicly dissemble or outright lie, because they seek the things of this world more than they desire to live a life of honesty in the sight of God.

Those of us, however who are willing to risk everything in this world, for the truth of the Gospel, are not standing by in silence. We proclaim day in and day out (cf. 2 Timothy 4:2) that the Faithful should not listen to false shepherds, but rather should rally again around Your Sacred Person, who continues to be the Pope in every effect, since so long as you do not renounce the Petrine Munus, you retain the right of supreme governance of the ecclesiastical hierarchy and jurisdiction which Vatican I infallible taught the Roman Pontiff alone holds.

While it may be true, and appears from all the evidences available, that you have chosen a very subtle stratagem to unmask the enemies of God, nevertheless, the little lambs of God require for their salvation a different manner of acting now that all masks have been taken off.

A man of God needs to trust in the providence of God. If there is one lesson that is taught by all the Roman Pontiffs in history, it is this, that those who fulfilled their ministry, as the Apostle Paul exhorts all clergy (2 Timothy 4:5), were the men who trusted that if they acted boldly and remained firm in their profession of faith in the Petrine Munus and what it means in the sight of Jesus Christ to God and to the Church, God would provide every assistance human and divine, to vindicate the Apostolic See and the cause of righteousness pursued by the Successor of St. Peter (cf. Psalm 91:14).

Silence, hiding, fear, doubt, and despair all betray that example.

A Roman Pontiff must trust in Jesus Christ, that if he raise his voice, He will raise an army of supporters and allies to win every battle against the vindication of the Petrine Office and Ministry.

The Battle will be brutal. But one cannot fight with honor, if daily the innocent are being slain, and one keeps his sword in its sheath.

So I beg you, this Christmas Season, if you have undertaken the present stratagem by inspiration, that you beseech the Lord Jesus to know whether He wishes you to change course, or if it was truly Him who inspired you, because the yoke lies heavy on the little lambs, and few have the strength for this fight (cf. Isaiah 58:9a, 10).

For if you desire it, you need only to raise your voice and God will send you an army of millions of Angels and men.

Wishing you once again every grace and blessing and illumination from on high, and every angelic assistance in the exercise of your Petrine Office.

Sincerely in Saint Francis,

Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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20 thoughts on “Br. Bugnolo’s Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI for Christmas”

  1. Grazie Fratello Alexis!
    Thank You Brother Alexis!

    Giving ‘Thanks” to The Living Loving Good God of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and to His Holy Parents: Mary & Joseph, and to The Holy Archangels & Guardian Angels Who helped Jesus, Mary and Joseph …. and to The Holy Saints and Holy Souls …
    … Yes! As we give THANKS
    … Si! Mentre rendiamo GRAZIE

    …. We exclaim wholeheartedly: –

    – “A 21st Century ‘Daniel’ s p e a k s to Pope Benedetto XVI!!! –

    Grazie Fratello Alexis, grazie infinite!
    Buon Natale!
    Joyful Christmas!

    Concerned Families International Network
    The Christ-like Way!
    Friends of humanely ethical, moral science and legislation re. all matters related to Church and State Governments’ Population Policy.

  2. Yes, the yolk does lie heavy on the little lambs. I am so torn and confused if my family and I should attend the mass if it is in communion with Bergolio when it is the only Catholic Church in town. I pray for a traditional latin mass but the closest is two hours away. We have a 7 month old. I am deeply saddened about this. I know not what to do.

    1. Go. Jesus will reward you, and invite friends.
      With friends you can hitch a ride with your baby.

      That was how I was invited.

  3. Thank-you Br. Alexis for writing so eloquently and succinctly to our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI to say what is necessary to say. We can now only pray Jesus Christ save our true Pope by bringing him to transparency to save his holy Church on Earth and the remanent flock.

  4. Matthew 26:53-54

    Do you think that I cannot call upon my Father and he will not provide me at this moment with more than twelve legions of angels?

    But then how would the scriptures be fulfilled which say that it must come to pass in this way?”

  5. Beautiful! May the Holy Spirit inspire him on a divine course of action to your letter and our prayers.

  6. A charitable, firm, respectful, well-detailed letter written with humility but at the same time imploring the Holy Father to end the current confusion & crisis and, consequently, helping to save countless souls.

    Thankyou Brother Alexis, I hope and pray you receive an appropriate response as soon as, and if, GOD wills it.

  7. There is one thing the faithful needs to do – stand for Pope Benedict XVI.

    The angels will follow as they did for Pope Benedict XVI.

    In the vision of Don Bosco Pope Benedict XVI alone is the one holding the Body of Christ amidst the tumultuous waves of the sea and the storm.

  8. May your letter bring comfort and new vigor to the Pope so that he will be able to stand and fight and ‘see’ the legion of angels ready to assist him and us in this grave battle against evil. Fasting and praying for Peace on Earth, Good will toward men this Christmas. Peace brother and all fellow sojourners.

  9. Here is a letter from eight-year-old Joseph Ratzinger to the Christ Child:
    Here is the translation of the letter:
    “Dear Christ Child!
    Soon you will descend to earth.
    You want to bring joy to the children.
    You also want to bring joy to me.
    I wish myself the Volks-Schott,
    a green chasuble and a Sacred Heart.
    I always want to be good.
    Greetings from Joseph Ratzinger.”

  10. Thank you so much for this eloquent plea, Brother! We pray that your letter will make its way, intact and complete, to the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, and that he will read it guided by the Holy Spirit.

  11. Br. Alexis,
    Thank you for writing with such eloquence and brotherly love on behalf of those of us who are lost for words as we watch a demonic schism of global proportions consume the essence of our most holy faith. Decades of deception and conflict among the hierarchy has left an empty shell of what was the Holy Roman Catholic Church. A “silent”papal seat, occupied by an anti-Catholic modernist missionary has left the Church void of the graces from the Holy Spirit. The Vatican is now only an illusion of the lost Church which is again being pushed into the catacombs. Divine intervention through the true Pope is our only recourse to revive the one True Catholic Faith. It is with a heavy heart that I pray for God’s mercy!

    1. Hopefully I pray this makes a difference. Too much abuse in the church now. And many are lead to perdition as it is blinding many.

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