DeathVaxxed fights 1 year and pays 27,000 Sterling to discover he has Myocarditis

Language alert! — This is a victim filled with righteous anger. The push back is about to break. Get out of the cities…

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5 thoughts on “DeathVaxxed fights 1 year and pays 27,000 Sterling to discover he has Myocarditis”

  1. In France, more people outside the cities have let them poisonned than in the cities (in proportion). So yes, the cities will be dangerous because too crowded with potential pillards, violent people etc. But in the countryside, people are quicker to denounce their neighbours. If you are a guy from the city fresh installed in a small house outside the city, everybody knows who you are and it takes time to be accepted by the community of the neighbourhood. In the cities, there are more ways to find allies and to seal solidarity, maybe. Actually I do not have the right answer. I can see what happened during the lockdowns in France: more cops in the countryside to track the sole guy in the forrest near the house, while in the cities, a lot of people (after around 2 weeks) on the streets with no risk to be caught!

  2. What he’s describing is FAR from a new problem with allopathic (western medicine over the past century) based medicine. The rise of psychiatry has not helped either. Shunt you off to a psych professional, and give you a pill is the go to answer. You, as the patient, DO know your body better than anyone on the “outside” of your skin. If you know something is wrong, persist. It took me, as an RN, to get my arthritis properly diagnosed, so I could get it properly treated, because I don’t “present” according to the text books’ formula: hot news flash here… people are UNIQUE individuals, and not all fit into those text books! That doesn’t mean that what’s “wrong” is between their ears; it just means you may, as a doc, have to look a little differently, to find or pin down what is wrong, and treat it. As a patient, you may need to consult an homeopathic or naturopathic practitioner, to get an answer and effective treatment, and NEVER be afraid to tell your doc a prescribed treatment isn’t working, or is causing other problems. Doctors are NOT God, even if many think they are, and that means they are NOT omnicient! They know generalities, not the specifics of individual quirks. Stand firm, and fight for yourself, as needed, and above all, ALWAYS be an informed consumer of medical care! Never assume the “professionals” know best.

  3. people are too complacent, those who have been damaged are no good physically to pose any danger.

    most have no courage and are satisfied if the government constitutes a committee to look into the adverse effects.

    nothing of the sort will happen which might pose any danger from vaxxed.

  4. One day, most likely in a year or two, I would not be surprised if I see “spontaneous deaths” news around the world.

    This would be the start of the persecution. People’s fear will be the open door for Satan to enter them.

  5. The wisdom of getting out of the cities at this point is that they will be first to collapse as the death vaxx takes its toll on the working population.

    Already, we have seen a 40% rise in deaths in the 18 to 64 age group in the United States that has been confirmed by insurance companies.

    Once the majority of public officials, police and nurses and doctors ,transport workers start getting sick then essential services will collapse . Who is going to deliver your food to the supermarket.

    Yes it takes time to be accepted in a rural area ,but you are much safer than trying to sit out the coming chaos of the cities.

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