FBI Used Twitter to identify and round up political dissidents

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One thought on “FBI Used Twitter to identify and round up political dissidents”

  1. We’re shocked with the FBI using Social Media to collect Data? WHY? DARPA created all the tech now called Social Media for this EXACT purpose and placed PUPPETS LOYAL TO THEM AT THE HELM and defined them genius ‘Owners’ creating the technology. DID ANYBODY ACTUALLY BELIEVE COLLEGE DROPOUTS DOING NOTHING IN LIFE BEYOND HAVING STOOGIE PARENTS INVOLVED IN THE U.S. Eugenics Society or Communist Party to have the acumen to create Social Media and to create these Mega-Giant Companies out of nothing without cash flow from somewhere before they got off the ground? Are we beginning to ascertain the reason for the TAXATION AND MONEY LAUNDERING SCHEMES OF THE ‘WARS FOR PROFIT’, NOW? How about the reason for the UK’s HATRED OF THE CONSTITUTION MAKING TAXATION OF INCOME OF THE POPULATION ILLEGAL…Taxation inherent to the Monarchy perpetually sucking from and murderin the population for over a thousand years.

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