3 thoughts on “International Blood Bank for Unvaxxed Blood set up”

  1. I’m afraid to guess that one day, this blood could be a rare then an expensive ressource. And that it might lead to the idea of using unpoisonned people for their blood, in various ways.

    1. I agree. I have never donated blood myself so am unable to confirm, but do the blood banks register your personal data such as contact and physical address? If that is so, donating blood into such a blood bank is like …lure ’em victims in.

  2. The biggest problem, and danger, here is that blood banks donot have a reliable test, so do not test for covid in donated blood, as in the early days with HIV. They have to rely on self-reporting, and people lie. There are those who want to “take others with them”, or to insure others get the “vaccine”, whether they want it or not; whether they have valid reasons for not taking it or not. Then there are the ones who just really don’t care. So a blood bank, unless you, or someone you know has not had the jabs, set aside a specific, designated blood supply, for an up-coming procedure, it remains a “crap shoot” whether or not the blood is safe. Your surgeon can help you with the process of setting up a dedicated blood supply, for you alone.

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