Robert Kennedy Jr. publicly admits the CIA assassinated his Uncle, JFK

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13 thoughts on “Robert Kennedy Jr. publicly admits the CIA assassinated his Uncle, JFK”

  1. Robert Kennedy Jr is controlled opposition. He also required that everyone attending his family last year’s Christmas dinner are vaccinated. It was in the news. If you can’t find it today search internet archives.

    His uncle JFK wasn’t assassinated at all, not by Lee Harvey Oswald, not CIA, not by anyone. They faked his death. I don’t know where he ended but there are rumours that he either went underground and continued to fake rule from dungeons or died on Skorpios Island in Greece, then owned by Onassis. Yes, Onassis was friend with both Jacqueline and John and not love rival with John as they liked us to believe. John was gay after all.

    The Kennedys are an old royal family on par with Bushes and all other presidential families. They are below Rothschilds and Rockefellers, however.

    Tucker Carlson is also from old rich families connected to all above families, and he’s controlled opposition. Tucker’s central report was that an anonymous CIA source with access to classified documents held back from the 2017 drop had agreed to go on record, answering Tucker’s question, ‘was the CIA involved?’ The answer: ‘The answer is yes. I believe they were involved. It is a whole different country than we thought it was. It’s all fake.’ Tucker completely ignored the last part. He focused on the first sentence and pretended the last sentence doesn’t exist. Notice this source said the CIA was involved. He did not say they assassinated anyone, he said they were involved which is true. But again, he also said ‘It’s all fake.’ which Tucker ignored.

    1. Mar —
      View this astonishing presentation and you will learn that there were some unexpected “worm’s eye view” witnesses who nail the CIA as using, then betraying Oswald.

      I make no apology that it’s 2 hrs long — I thought I’d listen for 5 minutes and move on– but I was dumbfounded by this strange narrative, and find it utterly convincing. See it to the end.

      1. This analysis is simplistic. Because when one asks whether the CIA perpetrated the assassination, one should consider not only whether there was a CIA operation authorized by CIA management at some level, but also whether the operation was sanctioned by the Agency or merely conducted by its members, as a parallel operation conducted using Agency assets and methods, but for purposes of the Masonic Lodges. This presentator, dismisses the CIA charge only in the first sense. But it is obvious now that there is uncontrovertible evidence of the second.

  2. One week before Pres Diem of Vietnam was assassinated, Mrs Diem came to US to plead for help…I watched this on Sun am tv, and the politicians treated her horribly..mocked her, . I can’t recall the name of the political show, but it was on Sun am nationally around 10 am CST. Nov 1963.
    Kennedy was getting out of Vietnam war to the anger of AllenDulles, head of Cia… So Dulles usurped Kennedys power as head of the military secretly. When Kennedy found out he fired Dulles. Kennedy killed, Dulles escalates Vietnam war..You fill in the blanks and connect the dots…

    1. Absolutely. Exactly what the country needs to know right now. Known about the stressors of the Kennedy Administration for a long time. HIGH TIME ‘The People’ are made fully aware of the ENEMIES WITHIN OUR OWN COUNTRY AND THOSE NOW FEEDING DIVISION IN SOCIETY. These are the most dangerous and the reason people MUST OPPOSE THE GOVT. NARRATIVES AND EFFORTS TO DIVIDE ‘The People’ to disallow UNION AS WERE PEOPLE UNITED, the ENEMIES OF THE U.S. ON THE INSIDE WOULD ALREADY BE DEAD.

  3. They were assuredly part of the conspiracy, with reason. However, they did not act alone. Someone at highest levels in the WH had to call off the normal security in Dallas, and to enable the route that slowed the car down enough, most likely LBJ. But banking authorities probably also had a finger in that pie. JFK was taken out because he was planning to shut down the CIA and Federal Reserve, both, on top of not being as much a team player as the globalists wanted. Nothing about the Warren Commission report was factual, beyond that JFK was dead, in essence.

  4. Interesting!
    There are some good comments here.
    Seems to me that, in the world as well as in the Church, everything has gone ‘downhill’ in reality since the early 1960s though these infiltrations/power-grabs/takeovers etc etc had obviously been planned much earlier.

    So, as history reminds us countless times, the only constant is the trinitarian GOD, Father, Son and Holy Ghost.
    Anyone who does not acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Saviour & Redeemer, who does not live according to GOD’s Commandments, Christ’s teachings, and the Magisterium of Holy Mother Church, is ‘easy prey’ for satan & his wicked spirits…….

    Tragically, Vatican II and its deliberately shambolic implementation have deprived zillions of Roman Catholics of proper catechesis resulting in the potential loss of countless souls!

    “Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle…….etc.”

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