VATICAN: Bergoglian Dicastery for Clergy kicks Father Pavone out of the Bergoglian church

Father Pavone responds with 1 hr 40 minute video:

Editor’s Note: There is a lot of information here to help one understand how much the clergy have been infiltrated and how many bishops are working as agents of the worst actors in the world.

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6 thoughts on “VATICAN: Bergoglian Dicastery for Clergy kicks Father Pavone out of the Bergoglian church”

    1. May the REAL TRUTH come out! Frank Pavone ran a non-Catholic organization received massive funding….He had global exposure with EWTN… 30 yrs of operating with constant conflicts…I’m grateful the Bishops had enough….We need to pray for Mr. Pavone.

  1. It has been clear for some years that the USCCB as [probably] the largest Bishops’ Conference in the world, has been the most heavily infiltrated by effeminates/heretics/schismatics/sodomites/LGBTQ+types etc.
    Whilst I no longer support Michael Voris & his Church Militant organisation, he in particular has been ‘railing’ against the US bishops for well over a decade, and rightly so.

    Here in England it is a source of some concern that no-one, so far [to the best of my knowledge…] has been able to critique the UK Bishops’ Conferences in a similar fashion. It is simply not the case that we have Conferences filled with ‘orthodox’ prelates, my hunch is that many are just lukewarm and/or globalist-supporting though, to be fair, almost all of them allowed existing TLM schedules to continue after the asinine ‘Traditionis Custodes’ was issued by antipope Bergoglio in July 2021. And there have been a couple of encouraging recent appointments to the English & Welsh hierarchy.
    But they all meekly and pathetically complied with the ‘lockdown’ instructions in March 2020 for nearly 3 months, and later that same year for a shorter period!

    “It is good to confide in the Lord, rather than to have confidence in man.
    It is good to trust in the Lord, rather than to trust in princes.”
    [Psalm 117: 8-9, Douay version]

    1. It seems to me that the ‘bishop’s conferences’ were an early step towards the ‘synodal’ mode. Christ did not create ‘conferences’ and furthermore, I strongly suspect it is modernist idea that multiplies the bureaucratic shuffling and creates false authorities.

      Regarding CM. Don’t you see that it is a tool of the usurpers? It is ‘controlled opposition’ and that is an old trick of the modernists. When CM was beginning I fell for it but soon I discovered the reason why so many ‘formerly homosexuals’ are part of the staff.

      Those ‘lay ministries’ are simply tools to push certain agendas and suck money out of catholic pockets.

      1. Thanks. Yes, agreed regarding CM and, as Brother Alexis & AJ have detailed in recent times, there are many other “controlled opposition” lay-ministries e.g. LifeSite, Taylor Marshall, The Remnant, Rorate Caeli, Return to Tradition…….etc.
        Any lay ministry that claims to be Roman Catholic yet fails to call out Bergoglio as the heretical antipope, freemason & globablist that he manifestly is, they no longer get my attention!

        Bishops’ Conferences were an innovation authorised by Paul VI [surprise, surprise…] and clearly part of the freemasonic strategy to undermine the true Church…….which had of course existed strongly for over 1900 years through all manner of attacks/persecutions from outside…….but the most effective revolutions always come from within which is what we have seen so clearly since the 1960s!!

        Pax tecum.

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