VATICAN: Bergoglio signs a Renunciation under a future contingent possibility of impediment

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On the occasion of his birthday, Jorge Mario Bergoglio announced that he has already signed his renunciation, way back in 2013, while Cardinal Bertone was secretary of state. The Cardinal gave up that position on Oct. 15, 2013 A. D..

The text of the act of renunciation has not be published, but from the description contained in the article is made under a future possible contingent of being impeded from the exercise of power on account of a medical disability.

Since Bergoglio holds not office, his renunciation does not have to follow any juridical norms. But if he did, such a renunciation would be invalid, since it must be immediate, manifest, and decisive not contingent.

However, by signing such a “renunciation” in 2013, Bergoglio has just admitted THAT HE HOLDS NO OFFICE and that he knew that he held no office as early as that year. He admits this, because Canon Law does not allow future or contingent renunciations of office, since that takes away the liberty of the individual and denies Divine Providence, and sets up a situation where one could be deposed at the intervention of bribery.

This confirms all the other evidence gathered by FromRome.Info about the circumstances of Benedict’s retirement, which was announced to the world as an abdication, by an orchestrated conspiracy of a large number of Cardinals and Bishops.

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5 thoughts on “VATICAN: Bergoglio signs a Renunciation under a future contingent possibility of impediment”

  1. “In case Divine Providence fails, I resign in advance so you can hold another fake conclave and make sure to elect another member of the secret sect. My apron is in the closet’s little drawer. I would like to be cremated and the ashes sent to the pachamama lodge in Peru.” [sarcasm] 😁

    Any more proof that they got into something way above their heads? The wheels are falling off Pharaoh’s chariot!

  2. JMB on the World Cup Argentine triumph: “Everyone congratulates the winners. May they live it humbly. And to those who don’t win, live it with joy because the greatest value is not winning or not winning, it’s playing fair, playing well.”

    Says the man who cheated his way to the seat of Peter. 😉

  3. Hmmm……we who read and comment at can see all too clearly that “the emperor has no clothes”……but, oh Lord, how long……how long before the majority of the Church’s hierarchy “wake-up” from their spiritual slumber/tyrannical oppression and do something positive by declaring antipope Bergoglio anathema & excommunicated, and the Conclave that “elected” him null & void?!

    Or is the only realistic option now, the one that Brother Alexis has detailed here?:-

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