3 thoughts on “Canon Lawyer: Numerous Canonical irregularities in action taken against Father Pavone”

  1. I can believe that. I’m loosely acquainted with his work against feticide and infanticide (NOT to be confused with the natural process of abortion of an already deceased infant in utero by “natural” causes), with which I heartily agree, as a Christian, and as a nurse. I have not seen him post any position in conflict with or violation of Catholic doctrine.

  2. I met Fr. Pavone many years ago. He impressed me as a straight arrow, a decent man. If his language is strong these days … well, mine sometimes is as well. Not that I enjoy it but it comes out naturally when I see the outrages being committed everywhere all the time.

    Mark my words: many other Minutella and Pavone are coming. The usurpers need to be by themselves to rob and desecrate. Now meditate on the fact that we are many and they are few.

  3. Laicization of a faithful Priest is NOT allowed by heretical Apostate Pachamama-Worshiping Bergoglio as the Anti-Pope. HE REMAINS A PRIEST OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST IN THE EYES OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

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