The most important “medicine” in your cupboard

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am not a doctor. And anything I know about medicine, I have read on line or head from others.

But I can give my personal testimony, about flues and colds, since I am very prone to getting anything that is out there.

Presently in Italy there is a bad cold going round. It starts with a sore throat and then becomes a strong fever with congestion in the lungs.

It has bedridden two friends of mine for nearly a week.

But I escaped its effect through the use of NAC, I believe. NAC stands for N-Acetil-L-Cisteina.

Since, just as I began to feel the symptoms I began taking a 500 mg dose of NAC, once a day, with a full meal.

The first day, withing hours my temperature soared and I had a strong fever. The next day too.

I took some NightQuil and DayQuil to prevent congestion of the lungs.

But by the evening of the second day, the fever had passed, and by the morning of the third, after eating, my strength returned.

I followed the advice of a retired RN, not to take anything to lower the fever unless my temperature went over 39 degrees Centigrade.

And thus, I experienced the shortest flu that I have ever had in recent years.

I conclude, thus, that NAC is the most important “medicine” you can have on your bathroom shelf. With it, you may be able to get rid of most of the cold remedies you have previously used. It is all natural and empowers your Christ-given immune system response to fight infection.

According to Healthline (here):

Consuming adequate cysteine and NAC is important for a variety of health reasons, including for replenishing the most powerful antioxidant in your body, glutathione. These amino acids also help with chronic respiratory conditions, fertility, and brain health.

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15 thoughts on “The most important “medicine” in your cupboard”

    1. Already some, like Amazon, will no longer ship it, even though it is still legal here in the US.

  1. I take NAC daily and I have my parents taking it every day too. My mother can’t stand the smell when opening the bottle, so my dad takes one pill a day out for her and puts it on the kitchen counter so that she can take it when she’s ready to. They are so sweet together.

    1. It is probably not necessary to take it every day, but it cannot hurt, especially for the elderly whose dietary intake is so poor since they cannot eat full meals like when they were young.

  2. Thanks for this excellent tip.
    There’s an 800mg capsule of NAC made by 5green.–
    available online, 180 capsules for £20.

  3. Hmmm. Interesting. We do not take this supplement but the article cites eggs and cheese as being high in these amino acids and we eat alot of that. We have not been ill with anything for years…thank you Lord!!

    (But I will obtain and keep some on hand)

  4. Add quercitin to your NAC, for immune boosting, or onions to your diet, preferably raw, red onions. Quercitin is the “poor man’s” hydroxychloroquine.

  5. “May your medicine be your food, and may your food be your medicine,” Hippocrates says. He’s right, because when there’s a healthy diet for a while, I don’t get sick.

  6. I am an RN as well and my research tells me to take Zinc 25 mg or so with Quercetin as it is the Quercetin that pushes the Zinc into the cell. I agree NAC is a very good tool at flushing out toxins by increasing glutathione. You should take it at night and not take other supplements with it as they may end up getting flushed out of your system. NAC is often given in hospitals when persons ingest toxic levels of Tylenol. We will all need to help each other figure out how to take care of ourselves because most health care professionals are compromised by pharma and insurance. A good article speaking about NAC use in cancer as well,

    1. Taking NAC at night– is it necessary to take it with food?
      I’ve ordered the 800mg capsules.
      What dose do you recommend on an occasional basis, –as when you feel yourself coming down with something making your throat scratchy?
      Will NAC interact with insulin or levothyroxine?
      I can’t express enough gratitude for your information. Thanks.

  7. My brother cured himself of a chronic illness through a good diet because the pharmacy remedy gave a serious side effect, something normal and that can be read in any package leaflet of any medication. He then sought out a nutritionist instead of a doctor. He removed more sugar and replaced it with some supplements. Santa Hildegarda supports this need for healthy eating. We can also see this from Doctor Max Gerson, who was chased and killed by the pharmaceutical industry.

  8. I found a scientific article that N-acetylcysteine reduces graphene oxide that is believed to be present in Covid shots. You can find the article at

    Beside this it is metabolized in body to glutathione a powerful antioxidant (that reduces oxidative stress during Covid -19) and serves as immuno-modulant. The article link is at

    Both articles are peer reviewed.
    Best wishes, Andrej

  9. The other vitamins help also..C… D3..
    B12…. Magnesium at night for muscle relax..for keeping heart arteries open: RedRice Yeast Extract.All available otc…unless big pharma reads this…also, after antibiotics take Digestive Enzymes to re adjust abdominal flora and Gerd breathing problems.

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