We need to listen to Pope Benedict XVI, and follow his lead

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Charity presumeth not evil

This teaching of the Apostle is the hallmark of discernment. But though many fail to practice it, many practice it badly.

This rule of discernment applies to prima facie matters (things considers at first sight).  That is, on first appearance, when one knows nothing else, one should not presume evil, when the thing is not evil of itself, or evil by reason of its manifest circumstances.

But many practice this rule badly because they extend it beyond its reasonable meaning, to secunda facie matters (things considered in a second light).  And by thus insist that we should not think evil of something or someone which has proven that it is evil or allied to evil by some concrete indisputable fact or by some preponderant disposition already manifested.

And this is where we are failing Pope Benedict XVI.

For while we can lament that the little lambs are having a heavy yoke to bear, because the Holy Father is silence, why are we not lamenting that we who know the truth are doing so little to save these souls?

So, after my Christmas Letter to Pope Benedict XVI, I would be amiss if I did not add an exhortation to all who are in communion with Pope Benedict XVI.

We need to follow the Holy Father’s lead and take stock of what he has done and why he has done it. If he judged the only way to rid the Church of corruption was to enter into an impeded see and set up an unassailable canonical bulwark against innovation — which is truly the most traditionalist minded act any pope has ever done in 2000 years — we need to recognize that the Holy Father has declared — has Archbishop Gänswein stated at the Gregorian University in May of 2016 — a state of exceptional emergency in the Church.

This means that we have been wrong to presume that the Cardinals and Bishops who have allied themselves with Bergoglio and the putsch of Benedict had good will. Because if they had good will, the Holy Father would never have done what he did.

And it is obvious after 10 years of discussion of Benedict XVI’s Declaratio that nearly none of those who recognize Bergoglio have good will. Indeed, more than 99% after seeing the evidence that Benedict XVI is the Pope continue to recognize Bergoglio.

And that is bad will that reeks from hearts corrupted by the love of the world, flesh and the Devil.

And because this bad will consists in refusing to recognize the true Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth, there is no question of presumption in saying that they are ipso facto excommunicated and lose all office and jurisdiction in the Church, as per canon 1364, because it is impossible to hold any dignity, office or munus in the Church and at the same time deny the Vicar of Christ (cf. canon 1331, §2, iv.) Thus, they have no authority over us, and every episcopal see in such dioceses must be regarded vacant and occupied by a schismatic.

And therefore, we must follow another rule

For the bad will being manifest, we cannot reasonably or morally presume good will with such persons. Their daily persecution of good clergy and daily attacks on the unity of the Church and the teaching of Christ and thee Apostles should have been proof enough.

Benedict XVI saw all this 10 years ago. And that is why he refuses to have anything to do with them. And they with him. This is the true Schism in the Church despite what the demonically minded gaslighters of the Bergoglian Church might claim.

The Schism against Pope Benedict XVI began at the beginning of his pontificate. Desperate because he could find no allies in the Roman Curia he entered into a sede impedita. He is waiting for allies to rise up, and if he delays in returning to open battle, it is because we have not yet given him the fealty and service that is required.

And in this he is exercising his prerogative in canon 333 §2, by which he has the full liberty to exercise the Petrine Office in the manner he thinks best.

Thus, by putting the Church into a state of emergency and exception, he is placing before our consideration, that we must act in all things now out of that charity that seeks first the salvation of souls, which is the highest rule of Church law (cf. Canon 1752).

For our part, charity requires that we do not stand still and allow millions of souls who know Pope Benedict XVI is the pope to perish. These souls have a greater right to the sacraments and to be served by clergy than all other faithful! For they are the Church, they are in the fullest communion with Christ, through his Vicar, Pope Benedict XVI.

The time has come therefore for us to take stock in what Pope Benedict XVI and start acting as Catholics should act. We must welcome back into the ranks of true Catholics those who are being daily kicked out of the Bergoglian Church. And we must dedicate ourselves to providing the clergy in communion with Pope Benedict XVI the funds and places necessary for this apostolate for the salvation of souls.

The Salvation of souls requires that we promote the creation of mass centers, the formation of seminarians, the ordination of priests and, yes, even the consecration of Bishops in communion with Pope Benedict. For, since the Dioceses lack Bishops in communion with the Apostolic See, then, the faithful in each diocese can elect their own bishop, on the grounds that the Holy Father is impeded in doing so (cf. Canons 154 & 155), and for this reason, since there is no other authority in the Roman Church to nominate Bishops but the Roman Pontiff, when he is impeded from doing so, this right falls back to its natural authority, which is the local Church herself.

All of this work, above mentioned, is the necessary step to defeat the Church of Schism. Pope Benedict XVI is calling us to be this anti-schismatic movement in the Church. That is our duty. And we have to shift gears from a church of lamentation and complaint, to a church of action and zeal for the apostolate.


From December 23, 2019 A. D.:  https://www.fromrome.info/2019/12/23/divine-and-apostolic-right-takes-precedence-in-a-state-of-emergency/

From Sept. 10, 2022 A. D.: https://www.fromrome.info/2022/09/10/how-catholics-can-save-the-church-from-bergoglio-the-globalists/

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26 thoughts on “We need to listen to Pope Benedict XVI, and follow his lead”

  1. For what it’s worth, I believe that Benedict XVI was the Pope, is the Pope, and will be Pope until his last day on Earth. THE ONLY POPE that is. The usurper JMB is here to spread abomination and ruin. This awful situation was prophesied and it is permitted by God. There is little than the flock can do but we must take into consideration that we are many and the usurpers are few. They can’t hide forever.

    Why Pope Benedict did what he did is still a mystery to some extent but we must not forget that his actions were guided by the Holy Spirit. There is no escaping that fact. God could not possibly allow such a transcendental act to be taken in a vacuum. This was permitted for a greater good to occur.

    Read the Book of Esther. See what happen to murderous usurpers with big plans. The reset of the ancient world failed and so will this as well.

  2. Hello Brother!

    Based from your letter, going to confession or any sacrament to SSPX or a priest naming “Francis” in Mass Latin or not, is mortal sin now? Since they did it now with malice and not because of ignorance:

    And because this bad will consists in refusing to recognize the true Vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth, there is no question of presumption in saying that they are ipso facto excommunicated”

    1. The Cardinals and those in the Vatican are much more aware of what they did, because they did it. But the lower clergy were mislead by the false reports which the Cardinals sustained and promoted. So it would be unjust to say that all are sinning mortally. But if you show a priest the evidence and he takes time to look at it, and still names Bergoglio, then he cannot be excused from sin, but as to whether his sin is mortal or not, we cannot be the judge of his heart. It is like drunkenness, which is a mortal sin, but whether it be a mortal sin in this person or that, God alone knows.

      1. The reason I asked this is because in 2020 there were retreats arranged for all clergy. One of the items in their retreat is to sign a pledge of loyalty to Bergoglio, like a creed. Yes, after the Pachamama event.

        In 2015 the Holy Spirit said to one seer that the priest be very careful of the retreats that they would be attending to, because they would be forced pledge to the Beast that will strip them off their vows. Of course, no one listened to the writings, and of course, in 2020, almost all the clergy went to those retreats. Thus realizing the prophecy of Our Lady at Garabandal.

      2. With The Lord’s help I will get a copy. Please give me time, and pray for Mama Mary’s intercession too.

        Mary Help of Christians, pray for us.

  3. THANKYOU Brother Alexis for this detailed and well-structured “call to action”. I have also read those two related articles but will need to study again to ensure I ‘get the full picture’.

    Wow! What a challenge lies ahead of us!!
    Here in England [diocese of Brentwood] I do not at present know of any priest, never mind any bishop, who is in communion with Pope Benedict XVI. If there are some, they are keeping very quiet about it!

    I attend only the TLM locally [and occasionally in London] hoping & praying that the diocesan priest who is the bishop’s appointed co-ordinator for TLMs across the diocese IS in communion with the Holy Father and not the antipope, but I hesitate to ask him in case the response is not what I want to hear!

    Among my many local friends in Christ, only a handful see Bergoglio for the heretical imposter that he is yet they still feel obliged to fulfil their Sunday & Holy Day obligations at Novus Ordo ‘Masses’ in communion with “Pope Francis”…….so I shall continue to share appropriate information with them whilst warning them of the spiritual dangers of being ‘in communion’ with a heretical antipope.

    Do any other commenters here live in the UK?
    Do you know of any clerics in communion with Benedict XVI?

      1. I’m puzzled by your comment…….by “silent mass” do you mean Low Mass [TLM] where almost the entire Roman Canon is said silently, thus impossible to discern whether the celebrant is pro-Benedict XVI or pro-Bergoglio?

        And, by “they”, do you refer to my local friends in Christ?

        Certainly, we need to “awaken” every Catholic that we come into contact with, that Benedict XVI is still the Pope…….and we must explain precisely why!

        Pax tecum.

      2. You need to ask because the traddie priest mostly doing 1962 Mass on our local is from Opus Dei and they have a visited friends in England as a retreat, this November 2022. In fact, that is how they agreed to do a Mass in the name of Bergoglio.

    1. I live in England . There are some but they are not open about it , you can tell by their gentleness .
      There is another way to tell that is very beautiful ….

      1. Thanks Thomas, I know of one but he is no longer within my diocese…….and as regards that “very beautiful other way” you are welcome to e-mail me with details or use private Messenger [Facebook].

        Pax tecum.

      2. Yes the only way to detect is by miracles.
        Real clergy exorcise demons out in the Holy Mass.

      3. Indeed Father Ripperberger said in an interview (I don’t remember when, but I think in the past two years) that something had happened in the Church that made exorcisms infinitely more time consuming. I will try and find the video. He was obviously referring to the usurpation of the papacy by Bergoglio, although he did not refer to this explicitly.

    1. The Apostolic Succession is a theological term which refers to the legitimate transmission of the Sacrament of Episcopal Orders from the hands of Christ through the Apostles down to our day. This only occurs in communion with the Holy Father and in the manner he determines. If he has suspended his petrine ministry, and put the Church into a state of emergency, then he does not want to personally take the responsibility of naming bishops, but wants the faithful in communion with him, diocese by diocese, to make the decisions. Here we must be clear and say explicitly that the modus catholicus is not that of the SSPX who founded a club and pass down the sacraments only in their club. That is formally schismatic from Apostolic Tradition, and the Church has never countenanced that, which is why Pope Benedict XVI never gave them a mandate even when he removed their excommunciation. — The Catholic Way is, rather, that the faithful in each diocese, when they lack a Bishop, come together an elect one, and he is consecrated a bishop by another bishop in communion with Pope Benedict XVI. Obviously this requires that we now, in the coming year, do a lot more to make known the truth, so that the faithful (clergy and lay) and come to the understanding of what is going on, and how to act. And if they act in this manner, the apostolic succession in their diocese will be preserved.

  4. “The Schism against Pope Benedict XVI began at the beginning of his pontificate.<

    I am mystified here. Is it possible Benedict is allowing sin to flourish by his silence? What is he waiting for? Why not be open?

    1. When anyone can poison you like John Paul I, or shoot you like John Paul II, or perhaps even replace you like Sr. Lucia, or assassinate you like JFK, then perhaps you need a different strategy.

  5. He’s how old ? I wouldn’t think dying would matter to him. Dying for the faith would be more Catholic. That proclaiming the catholic faith and the ‘chair’ of Peter would mean more than the games going on.

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