FaceBook’s Censorship Department run by 17 year veteran of the CIA

TOP-TAKE-AWAY: FB employs 117 US ex-Intel agents!

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5 thoughts on “FaceBook’s Censorship Department run by 17 year veteran of the CIA”

  1. Once CIA, always CIA. Intelligent assets are for life unlike veterans who served in the military. But excluding for example agents from Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance and the likes 🙂

  2. Sounds and looks as though the WOKE have taught all of us about what it means to RE-IMAGINE Govt. SEEMS TO include social media, Media, Intel, DOD and ALL THE BANKER/CORPORATIST CABAL as the same entity which helps us to RE-IMAGINE OURSELVES NAZIS as THAT IS WHAT WE ALL ARE IN THE U.S. Does ANYBODY believe Trump stupid enough to make such an unpopular announcement. Most of ‘The People’ oppose digital currency and any kind of ‘Social Credit System’. Trump is nothing if not politically savvy. It is NOT Trump’s nature to sabotage any campaign two years before another General Presidential Election? HE’S MOST CERTAINLY ORDERED TO ANNOUNCE THIS BY THE SKULL AND BONES MINIONS LOYAL TO THE ROTHSCHILDS. Does anybody imagine any prostitute politician inclusive of DeSantis to NOT BE ASSOCIATED WITH THE INTERNATIONAL MOB controlling all in every aspect and function of society?

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