Father Imbaratto speaks on the Father Pavone Case


Editor’s Note: There are some important observations and authoritative information made known in this commentary. It is balanced, but does not discuss the canonical process.

Though I disagree with his position, that a priest who has this attitude to obedience to his superiors should be laicized, since as Canon 145 says, offices in the Church exist for a spiritual end, and are given by the Church or by Christ. Therefore, obedience in the Church cannot be determined solely on the basis of compliance with a human superior, but must consider the salvation of souls and the honor and glory of God. Thus both parties in  such a dispute, the superior and the subject, must be judged according to the same norms. I have not yet heard any evidence that the comportment of Father Pavone merited laicization, as I am not aware he has injured the salvation of other persons’ souls by anything alleged against him. As for certain apostolates, too, a nationwide or worldwide apostolate might require a local ordinary to be less rigorous in his demands regarding lesser things, than he would be with priests exercising local ministries. But, as Father Imbaratto says, I do not know what I do not know, so I will leave it there.

And for justice sake, I think we should look at the weighty testimony in Father’s favor, which Fr. Imbaratto does not cite:

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6 thoughts on “Father Imbaratto speaks on the Father Pavone Case”

  1. Fr. Pavone was a big Trump supporter. Could politics have its tentacles in this decision ?
    In any case, Bergoglio needs to goglio…. imopinion.

  2. As a Christian, reading the Word of God, I find several places where it’s crystal clear Yhwh God and His Son oppose strongly the murder of children. As an RN, caring for mothers suffering spontaneous abortions, qnd required to insure all the “products of conception” have been expelled, I have seen human fetuses at early points in the pregnancy: they are unmistakeably human babies, not tumors (saw those on surgical rotation), or mere “clumps of tissue”. Given those two facts, I have to ask, in all sincerity, how standing up to defend unborn human babies is a “problem” for the Catholic hierarchy? WHY would they NOT have been supporting this work by one of their priests, fully?

    1. Our hierarchy has been taken over by the CIA. They are no longer in communion with Christ or the Church. Most of them are depraved lechers or satanic monsters.

      1. Well, I can’t argue that, except the CIA; I doubt they have authority in Italy or Vatican City to do that. I’d look higher up the “food chain”, which is not to say they aren’t evil enough, and wouldn’t try, but I suspect a more global authority.

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