USA: Perpetrators of the Scamdemic move to take control of Utility Companies

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4 thoughts on “USA: Perpetrators of the Scamdemic move to take control of Utility Companies”

  1. Why? Had one rep come to my door, another stop me in grocery store, to switch to their supply company. I’d get a gift card for the store if I signed up. They always use that “rewards” baloney. What do you think is their plan? Thanks so much for this.

  2. Of course, they are. MUST CONTROL ALL NEEDS OF ‘The People’ for ultimate SLAVERY OF THE MASSES. ‘The People’ MUST BUY ENERGY COMPANIES AND FORM CO-OPS. That’s the only answer as Nuclear Fusion is not the direction the Psychopathic Predators have chosen to go.

  3. That explains all the false flag attacks on our power stations, in recent months. Bring down the price of stocks, while scaring people into believing they’re not safe or reliable.

  4. An experiment was tried in Fairbanks Alaska, passing a law to outlaw wood burners. The populace rose up in righteous anger and refused to obey the laws and all but rioted until the city government had to back down.
    They’re going to try that in the UK & the EU, don’t think they won’t (Here in the UK, everybody who can afford a wood burner — the middle class– is doing so; provided they are DEFRA- approved, they are legal in restricted smoke areas.)
    If we emulate the wise citizens of Fairbanks, we can keep our lords and masters from gaining more power over our lives.

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