Alan Dulles: The Psychopathic Mastermind who overthrew the Catholic Church at Vatican II

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3 thoughts on “Alan Dulles: The Psychopathic Mastermind who overthrew the Catholic Church at Vatican II”

  1. At least 3 or 4 times in this, there is shown a man walking over a huge star incorporated into the floor of the building which I suppose is the headquarters of the CIA.. This needs to be verified as it could be another govt building.This multi pointed star has a secret meaning . It is an occult symbol that is the extreme opposite of the 6 pointed star of David or the5 pointed star, whose meaning is different according to which way the points of the star are directed. ie the stars on the American flag.
    When the big Shrine in Alabama that Mother Angelica conceived of was being built, in the tiled floor a multi pointed star similar to the one in the video was crafted in by someone, perhaps in ignorance, ( although doubt it) was placed into that shrinesfloor. Someone noticed and told authorities, but the idea was squelched bc that person did not do his homework. That was several decades ago.

  2. Intricate and detailed video which should be followed up on by experts because the Truth should never be undermined….and it certainly has been in a great deal of history books!!!!
    . Allan Dulles was always on the tv news back in Eisenhower pres along with his brother, John FosterDulles . Msgr. Fulton Sheen, had a weekly tv show and was immensely that time. Their presumed integrity was never disputed.Sheens father and the Dulleses were connected with law firm Sullivan and Cromwell.

    1. I see, that is why Archbishop Fulton Sheen was allowed to screen as long as the catch phrases for Vatican II after his talk is aired.

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