Mike Voris rightly criticizes CNA about the Pavone Censure

Take-away: “The Catholic media world is a joke”. Click the image above to watch the video at Church Militant’s website.

Editor’s note: PDF Copy of the Letter from the Bergoglian Nuncio in Washington D. C..  Note that it is only a communication, not the copy of the act of censure nor a juridical act.  Evidently, the one who signed the act, does not want anyone to know who he is.  I presume it is Bergoglio himself, a thing hinted at by the capitalization on the words, “Supreme Decision”. The censure, obvisously, is invalid, since he does not hold the Petrine Munus, and since the Dicastery is continuing to operate with a papal mandate from the one who does hold it still.

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One thought on “Mike Voris rightly criticizes CNA about the Pavone Censure”

  1. Jimmy Martin and Paula Rosica walk around calling themselves ‘father’ and FR. Pavone gets kicked out. Nice job.

    It is high time to march on Rome. If we don’t do it, Putin will.

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