Necessary Precautions in the Ministry of the Sacraments after the Pandemic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Since the Scamdemic, Catholics, clergy and laity, need to take heed to practice caution in the distribution of the Sacraments on account of the fact that those who have taken Covid-19 “Vaccines” have been injected with artificial and unnatural agents which are causing their bodies to grow unnatural and dangerous compounds which can injure others.

This is the very sad and apocalyptic reality which we must all confront.  For as Our Lord forewarned us, but the clergy failed to preach, a great deception would be sprung like a trap upon everyone in the whole world, and there would be demanded of all, as St. John, His beloved disciple forewarned us, that they receive the mark of the Beast, so as to be able to conduct their affairs in public.

And all those who listened to the false prophet, who calls himself by the name of one of Christ’s most beloved Saints, but who is himself a devil and globalist agent, who worships idols and engages in esoteric ritual pratices, all these who have listen to this preacher of abominations, have taken the mark.

And so it has happened that the tail of the Beast has swept nearly all the stars of heaven — the clergy — out of the sky. And the laity who followed them, along with them.

And now their bodies produce the spike protein, which was modeled on 50+ venoms, just like a snake produces venom in its own body. And thus is fulfilled the word of scripture.

But the Apostle warns us further, to flee the cities so as not to partake of the plagues which God will visit upon those who have taken the mark.

And scientists the world over are discovering, that those who took these DeathVaxxes, as I am wont to call them here at FromRome, are now growing things unnatural and abominable in their own bodies, from optical cables, microchips, tin-based white coagulations in their veins and arteries, etc.., not to mention suffering from all sorts of medical problems which result in permanent disability or sudden death syndrome.

But that which merits the attention of us all is that some of these dangers can result from proximity to those who have taken these jabs, whether through droplets spread in the air, or saliva which is unwittingly transferred though things touched.

For this reason, we need to recognize that now, certain sanitary precautions should be taken. And that to fail to take them would but some persons in risk of death or permanent bodily injury or at least grave medical situations.

Thus it is a moral imperative arising from true charity, that such precautions be taken.

Who needs to take precautions?

I invite medical professionals who read FromRome.Info to comment below, but it is clear even to the laymen, that both those who took one or more of these jabs as well as those who have not taken them, should take precaution.

Those who took these jabs have the formal duty to take precaution at all times, whether they are in the presence of someone jabbed or not.

While those who did not take any of these jabs, have the duty of prudence, to take precautions when they are in the presence of anyone jabbed.

There may be some medical research which can determine how dangerous it is to enter into contact or into the presence of someone who is jabbed. I ask those who know of this to report that below.

How this affects the sacramental ministry…

It is clear that in the distribution of the Sacraments, human touch and close proximity is required. Therefore, for the minister of the Sacrament who touches, extreme caution must be taken if he has been jabbed. In good conscience he should have his saliva and sweat and breath medically tested to see if he is shedding anything unnatural, such as spike proteins or nanotechnology.

If he is shedding, he should refrain from the Sacramental ministry, in my opinion. And I think a Bishop would have the right to suspend him a divinis from all public functions, on account of his danger to the public.

For those who are jabbed, they should be especially careful to avoid shedding upon other Catholics at Church or upon clergy while receiving the sacraments. Perhaps this risk is less if they are among only those who are jabbed.

For those who are not jabbed, it is obvious that one takes extreme risks if one is receiving the Sacraments in a church filled with jabbed Catholics or from a priest who has been jabbed.

And I believe the risk for the unjabbed is so great, that they have no canonical obligation to attend on Sunday, any mass said by a priest who is jabbed or celebrated in a Church with Catholics who are jabbed, as there are just too many objects in a church which might be contaminated with the sweat or saliva of others, not to mention the air itself, normally now well ventilated.

All of these risks must be weighed in conjunction with what is known about the jab-campaign in your country, whether it is still ongoing or not.  We need to have the humility, sincerity and honesty to admit this reality, about which no one is talking in the Church.

As for the clergy who obeyed their superiors and took the jab, they should not by that grow angry at us who are unjabbed, but realize  that their sin is so great that their false obedience was the punishment for their sin.

I do not know any priest in communion with Pope Benedict XVI who is jabbed, nor any of the faithful who are in communion with him who were jabbed.  Perhaps this has to do with the apocalyptic scenario which I described above. If so, then we are truly at a great parting, and Pope Benedict XVI may have been inspired by Christ to renounce the ministry, precisely to prepare for this greats division.

Practical solutions

Priests who are jabbed should wear something distinctive to show that they are. I would recommend white cloth gloves, which can be laundered in water, as all altar cloths are. All signs of peace which require touching should be abolished. The Eucharist should not be touched by the jabbed. Ministers who are jabbed should not distribute it to the unjabbed. And those who are jabbed, should receive from those who are jabbed. Best of all would be to assign churches and liturgies for the jabbed and others for the unjabbed.

Canonical effects

So far the nanotech in the jabbs does not seem to definitely impair reason or free will, but once such evidence is scientifically obtained, I would say that all Popes, Bishops and Clergy who hold offices who have this tech inside them, should be considered ipso facto deposed from office, on the grounds that they are no longer members of the body of Christ, but of the body of the Antichrist, and their loyalty to the Church is in doubt. Likewise, when this occurs, such persons could not be eligible to hold any office in the Church. As has been demonstrated already, the winter flu shots, and indeed all vaccines, are now possibly being loaded with nanotech. So one should be careful to inquire if your local clergy are taking these shots.


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15 thoughts on “Necessary Precautions in the Ministry of the Sacraments after the Pandemic”

  1. I don’t believe this is the mark of which John spoke, but perhaps a “dry run”, to test compliance/ resistance, while our Lord uses it as a test of our committment to Him, to see if we will resist, or comply with, man’s law, when the real mark is introduced; the one which will control our ability to conduct all forms of commerce, would require some form of external, programmable control. And since John ties it to the image of the beast, which as yet does not exist, I believe this can’t be that mark. Then there is also the fact of location, right hand or forehead, in neither of which is the jab given. Here again, however, I will raise the question of allowing our DNA to be altered, and how that may affect our redemption, in view of the flood (the rest of those sins are solidly in place as well, at present). To the best of my knowledge, only a few isolated instances of physically forced jabbing occurred, the rest took it more or less by free will choice, however coerced they felt over jobs.

    1. The right hand and the forehead are actually where they scan your finger prints (most are right handed) and the retinal scans ( which they may place a chip on your forehead via vaccination ).\

      However, it will happen only after everyone is given a unified ID issued by the government after the SIM registration act.

      This is why we need to oppose the laws that would make the world cashless, SIM registration, and the digitization of vaccine pass.

      They are steamrolling the access to money that in three to five years everyone cannot use cash.

      1. Injections are not adminitered in the forehead due to insufficient tissue over the bone, just as they aren’t administered in other bony areas. Neither are they given in the hand. However IVs may be started in either location. Thatsaid, an IV insertion wouldn’t work because the chip would travel from the site via blood flow. Those will have to be implanted, or imprinted like a tattoo, to keep them in place.

      2. Oh! That Nokia one. There is a reason why Nokia never went out of business. It is always pioneer on the next technology.

    1. If he is not prepared to confront and manage the sanitary risk, as he would have to do if he were, I would say yes, unless they are members of his parish and he is pastor, because as Pastor must even risk his life in case of the distribution of the sacraments necessary for salvation. He would need a mask and gloves and the one receiving the Sacrament of the Altar, would have to stand perfectly still and open their mouth and hold it open to avoid any spread of saliva, which could be spread to others including the priest. But the Eucharist is not necessary for salvation, except for the first time received. Otherwise, only Baptism is necessary, and extremunction may be necessary in some individuals. Confession is necessasry for those in grave sin, but it can be done at a distance in the open air.

      1. Please could you give references to support the comments about the Eucharist. Thanks. I know some who feel they must receive the Eucharist every day and get quite anxious if they can’t.

        A mask is unlikely to stop a spike protein since it is smaller than the virus being a part of it (if one believes the virus exist). It is basically a molecule and will easily go through a mask. Similarly for other possible substances shed.

        If one deduces there is evil intent in what has and is happening then one should expect other methods being used.

        For example the steady decline in fertility rates for many decades suggest this evil plan has been active for much longer than the last few years. Phthalates in plastics leaching into food or drink, also used in cosmetics, may be a contributor to this. In the last year I have noticed more foods are being wrapped in plastics and indeed even ‘tin’ cans instead of the traditional tin coating now often have a plastic interior coating.

        There are plenty of other toxic substances we are faced with: mercury in dental fillings, fluoride in water, an incredibly large number of additives in food, benzene in petrol and particulates from motor vehicle exhausts. Collectively, one wonders what they will do to life expectancy.

        It would be easy to get alarmed but perhaps one should see it as encouragement to be more fervent and devout since the end of the mortal life might arrive sooner.

      2. There never was a virus. You need to keep up better with the news. As for masks, they do stop the larger particulates of saliva, but not those of respiration. That is why allowing vaxxed and unvaxxed Catholics in the same enclosed spaces is not good for the unvaxxed or the vaxxed. There never was a pandemic, but now the vaxxed are producing the venom in their bodies, and while this reduces over time, since the cells which do this are attacked by the body and those in whose bodies this is happening are dying at alarming rates, it is still a medical issue. In some countries with lousy medical systems, the DeathVaxxes were delivered at room temperature, so nearly no spike proteins were produced in their bodies since the mRNA tech was destroyed by the room temperature. But in others it was effective. I note, for example, that the MAC addresses appear in Spain and Poland, but not in Ukraine or Italy. So I would think there may be a correlation with spike protein shedding in the same countries.

  2. I hate it when I hear people insist that Pope Benedict was jabbed. I’m incredulous and can’t/don’t want to believe it. But all I can say in return is, “well, that’s what we are told”.

    I really hope and pray that it is a lie and he wasn’t lied to or forced to receive it.

    1. This is the narrative we have been given. But the Vatican used the Sputnik Vaccine. Unfortunately, the Holy Father lives right at the foot of the main microwave, cellphone massive communication towers of the Vatican, so he is surely being bathed in radiation.

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