A Catholic Response to the recent news about the JFK Assassination

This video is available on YouTube here, but YouTube is blocking its embedding at FromRome, not because of any setting, but because of the politically incorrect statements made, which they are trying to squelch at request of the US Intel Agencies (who apparently have flagged my Catholic views as terrorism). — Referenced website: CatholicPartyForAmerica.com – I give you the url, because Google has removed it from its search engine. – I strongly recommend you copy all my videos from YouTube because, in retaliation for this video, I expect my entire channel’s contents to be eliminated in the next 24 hours!

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6 thoughts on “A Catholic Response to the recent news about the JFK Assassination”

  1. Merry Christmas Brother Bugnolo. 🎄

    Yes, as a Catholic & American, you are right to speak on this. The book “Fleshing out skull and bones” has a chapter which analyses it as the “killing of a king.” It is more accurate to declare it the killing of a Catholic King, no? The author is Kris Millegan, he published the book and wrote that chapter. (Millegan’s Trineday.com has many books re JFK.) He speculates the event was public to create mass trauma or mind control. He also speculates it was a satanic blood sacrifice.

    “What ought to be unambiguous to any student of mass psychology, is the almost immediate decline of the American people in the wake of this shocking televised slaughter.” Millegan.

    Also a good resource is “JFK’s secret societies speech on Y-Tube. That was one of their motives, the other being his stance against wars for profit, according the book.

    Just found Interesting… Kris Millegan at the JFK Assassination Conference, 2021 https://trinedaily.com/2021/12/04/the-journey-69-ra-kris-millegan-at-the-jfk-assassination-conference-2021/

    Jesus, Mary , and Joseph I love you. Save souls.🎄

    1. My parents both said, America was never the same again, after the Assassination. Yes, it was a pivotal shock moment to terrorize. It was not simply an assassination, and 11-22-63 has masonic overtones… if anyone knows more about the possible satanic sacrifice aspect of the assassination comment below….

      1. The date: 11 = the twin Masonic pillars Boaz & Jachin (that’s also the significance of the twin towers of 9/11).

        22 is a constantly recurring Masonic obsession but it’s tedious to remember all of this, and I can’t.

        63 is three sixes – 666.

      2. It was the end of Catholic America and the start of gay-America.

        It happened a year after the start of Vatican II.

  2. I like this video, too. Myself pronounced the word “mafia” during the covidist tyranny, because if we observe things as they are going just with absolutely no influence of any kind, we can conclude all the methods used are those of the mafia, pharmafia being as tentacular as the militaro-industry complex. Here in Europe and a fortiori in France, we still live under the myth of USA saving us (Normandie). But this blinds us to see the actual truth: it is or it embeds an empire of predators for the rest of the world. Between ww1 and ww2, it’s began to be a monster. That monster could not exist if a group of resistants, or a concurrent, existed, and also if they didn’t find allies so easily. That group of resistants is centralized in Europe, the core of developed world, democracy, and ..catholicism. The USA still want to be Rome II and had to start the destruction of Europe to achieve their goal. That’s why they created the EU based on the same principles as USSR, they placed their guys at the top of it and in each country, and now we have the crual U.vdLeyen who terrors all the people there, once with the injection, once with emptying all the cash + inventing “climate risk” to achieve the destruction of the industry, and that, under the false and illegal flag in blue and yellow, usurpating the marial crown. JFK’s assassination’s truth is getting out. Good. Let’s see what’s happening with the other worldbroadcasted mystifications. The belt is soon belted.

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