Bergoglio is defending Sexual Predators who are supporting his false claim to be Pope

Editor’s Note:  In this video, La FinanzSuWeb gives an excellent summary of how Rupnick, Zanchetta and McCarrick all are ardent supporters of Bergoglio’s claim to the papacy. And how he has repaid them by helping them escape punishment for their horrid careers of sexual predation of nuns, boys, and seminarians. This shows how much he is a monster himself, and consequently why Christ Our Lord could never even in the most blasphemous dream call him His vicar on Earth. — This is the implicit blasphemy of all who insist he is the Pope, however.

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9 thoughts on “Bergoglio is defending Sexual Predators who are supporting his false claim to be Pope”

    1. Only in apperences, because according to Canon Law, only the one with the petrine munus can authorize such a thing. Father Pavone remains a priest just as much as he was on Feb. 28, 2013.

  1. Bergoglio is a joke. Impossible to believe any FAITHFUL CHRISTIAN OF ANY DENOMINATION could ever seriously view this demonic Idolator as Christ’s vicar on Earth. May the Holy Family of our Lord Jesus Christ on Earth bless us with the supernatural removal of this Satan and all his Demons in human form from the Vatican soon.

  2. I wonder what proportion of those who support Bergoglio are vaxxed (with attendant mental consequences);

    –and what proportion of Benedict loyalists are unvaxxed (and have endured opprobrium for it).

    We probably won’t know until we get to Heaven.

      1. As I have said before, I have only ever heard our priest say “Pope”….
        But he is openly unvaxxed and has passionately spoken out against the shot regularly from the start.
        I am praying for him every day for protection and continuing courage as this all unfolds.

        Lord have mercy on us all!!

  3. I have seen priests drop dead in our diocese not even a year has past.

    Yes they were vaxxed and died proclaiming Masses cum Bergoglio.

    It was horrible to see it outside of the physical Church.

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