Fr. Pavone has run into the Ecclesiastical Mafia — But what is that?

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18 thoughts on “Fr. Pavone has run into the Ecclesiastical Mafia — But what is that?”

  1. In 1969 I recall meeting for the 1st time a young male religion teacher who had been just been hired to teach at the all boysCatholic school in my town. After just a few minutes I knew he was a Communist of the sort I had heard of in my pre Vatican 2 Catholic education. It scared me so instantaneously that I said to him, “Oh.So you are a liberal Catholic and I’m a conservative Catholic! ” That statement was a lie.
    The all boys Catholic school became co ed within a few years, and Communism ( ie V2 theology) took over..but, that word, ieCommunism was never used again. All pre V2 books were ordered to be thrown out of the school library to insure the new religion was taught. And how do I know? I saw it before my very eyes and I knew no one else who knew what was happening…or, if they did know, kept their mouths shut. It was so well orchestrated, there was no option but to wait, hope, and pray. All this happened now over a half century ago in a diocese where our Bishop came home from V2 and declared he wasn’t going to implement V2 in his diocese. He was put into retirement, as were many other priests during that time. And the Communists took over, but, the average Joe six pack guy didnt realize it.

    1. Thanks for this information.
      History tells us that Vatican II happened at a time when “The Cold War” between USA & USSR was at its height, thus many Fathers of the Council were expecting a formal condemnation of Communism…….
      But it never materialized…….
      Nor was the Third Secret of Fatima fully revealed, which Our Blessed Mother had told Sister Lucia “should take place not before 1960″……

      And still, now, 105 years after Our Lady’s solemn request that the Pope, in conjunction with all the bishops of the world, consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, it has not been properly done……

      So, can we really be surprised that the Church and the world are suffering so many manifest chastisements?!

      Pax tecum.

  2. “I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.”
[Genesis 3:15

    Mary told St. Bernadette Soubirous, ‘I am the Immaculate Conception.’

    “In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph.” —BVM to Lucia dos Santos, Fátima, Portugal, July 13, 1917

    Error has no Rights.

    The Darkness of the Enlightenment
    (The Renaissance of Denial, Deprivation, Death, Demoncracy)

    Science requires honest weights and measures. Fixed weights and measures. The same yesterday, today, forever. Jesus Crucified, The(o) Absolute Positive, commands, demands, reprimands, remands, mandates the same. Those who repent of their sins, He would absolve.
    Those who choose not to reject, renounce, denounce, Satan the Father of Lies and Murderer from the Beginning, He dissolves the bands and bonds which have connected them to Himself. Who can forgive those who
    c h o o s e to condemn themselves?

    The appeals of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and of the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be heard and heeded and fulfilled.

    Suffer the Children to come unto Me…
    It is never too late to turn to Jesus and Mary. Do all He tells you to do.

    It will take The Woman, the New Woman, the New Eve, the New Mother of all the living, Mary the Immaculate and Her Seed, Jesus The(o) Christ, The(o) New Man, The(o) New Adam, to crush the head of the Serpent, of the Demon, of the Demoncrat, of Demoncracy.

    che era l’acronimo di: Mazzini, Autorizza, Furti, Incendi, Avvelenamenti»1. (M)azzini(A)uthorizes(F)[robbery](I)[arson](A)[poisoning] #391

    Glory to God in the Highest, and on Earth – Demoncracy damned and banned as in Heaven – Peace to men of Good Will.

  3. Many thanks Brother Alexis for “shining some light” into the disgusting perversions of the Lavender Mafia who have taken temporary control over Holy Mother Church.

    For sure, their immortal souls will all be damned to eternal hellfire unless they somehow repent and make a firm purpose of amendment…….and receive absolution……before their individual final judgments.

    The Sin of Sodom is clearly stated in the 1962 Missal as the 2nd of the Four Sins Crying to Heaven for Vengeance.
    But, of course, that was just prior to Vatican II…….

  4. The same mafia that promotes their own saints and visionaries.

    Father Escriva and the Opus Dei movement.

    Mother Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio and the heretical God the Father of All Mankind movement which had the Masonic degrees ( classified as steps ) inculcated in its thick long book.

    The same mafia suppressed real visionaries like Maria Valtorta and the poem of the man-God, the children at Our Lady of Crosia and Our Lady, the Rosa Mystica.

      1. This one they are promoting an image of “God the Father” removing his crown and putting his footstool, the Earth on his hand. The nun from Italy claimed she saw God the Most High’s face and is promoting a different set of prayers.

        It was said it might have been the nun had hallucinations or a member of a secret society.

      2. Thank you. Yes, I agree with this theologian’s critique of Ravasio’s messages and the image. God the Father should never be depicted in pink, that is not a color of power, simplicity, eternity or truth.

        As regards the approval by a Bishop, that section is incomplete, because if Ravasio at the time of the messages was a member of an institute of pontifical right, then the approval of this bishop would have no value at all, since only the Pope is the superior of such institutes; but if of an institute of diocesan right, then the approval of that bishop would have no value unless he was as bishop the superior of the institute.

      3. I read the messages, and they are … sensual, like those of Vassula Ryden, a Greek Orthodox. who had popular messages in 1990.

        I disposed the book. I was sad because Thomas W. Petrysko, said a commentary of “good will” with the messages of the nun….

  5. Very shocking! This is one of your most shocking videos ever!

    Did you say “16 members of the Legionaries of Christ were having an orgy and there was no woman in the room” and they were seen by a former seminarian who had to receive some kind of treatment or counselling? I used to wonder how could those Legionaries priests (appear to) be so holy despite that their founder was so corrupt. By their fruits you shall know them and you’ve now revealed the rotten fruits of Marcel Maciel whom Benedict XVI had the courage to discipline to a “reserved life of prayer and penance” — making him a priest in name only.

    You mentioned that you were a whistle-blower three times. Were you already a religious brother at that time? And what happened, were those priests you reported defrocked? Did you ever receive threats against your life for being so outspoken?

    All Catholics should watch this video because they mostly follow the mainstream Catholic news that are controlled-opposition

    It is shocking to hear that just because priests say the Traditional Latin Mass that it is not a guarantee of their holiness! OMG!

    Here’s about the Gay Disco in Catholic Ireland

    Keep up the good work, Bro. Bugnolo…and Aj!

    1. For my personal safety I do not want to discuss when and where I blew the whistle, lest the perps who are still alive, come after me. In one case the priests were defrocked by Pope Benedict, in one case the priest is dead, and in another he is still protected.

    1. In English, we Catholics on social media use the term “Traddie”, “Traddies”, to refer to part of those who identify as Catholic who are members of the traditionalist movement, which promotes the ancient roman rite and publicly disagrees with the Vatican II reforms, and which more or less questions the new rites. But I say, “part of those…” because there are Catholics who hold the ancient rights are better or valid, but who do not belong to this movement and who do not follow or constrain their thought to what the “leaders” of that movement claim nor to the superior of the priestly societies which thrive in that movement, because they do not recognize those leaders as canonical superiors.

      Thus by “Traddie” one refers to a person who is involved in a certain sort of unauthentic presentation, whereby he claims to be more catholic, when he is in fact only promoting the interests or the appearances of the interests of a particular group.

      To be a “Traddie” on social media is a thing: a marketing decision, which in the last 10 years has become label which does not always honestly describe the contents. Traddie is more and more simply a name which a modernist takes to hide that he is a modernist.

  6. Pope Benedict XVI, in his first speech in April 2005, said, “Pray for me, that I may not flee for fear of the wolves.”

    Many believe he was speaking about the Lavender Mafia, a homosexual collective that infested the church. The following video shows the pope getting the cold-shoulder treatment from a group of German cardinals and bishops (wolves?). A 2018 report states that 5% of German clergy were involved in abuse.

  7. This was the memoir of a KGB communist who became an impostor Catholic priest and he did a lot of damage within the Catholic Church.

    AA-1025 The Memoirs of An Anti-Apostle (FREE eBook)

    False-pope Francis aka Bergoglio is a communist and many of the cardinals and bishops are also communists and they infiltrated the Vatican II Council as this book identifies who they are:
    The Plot Against the Church (Free eBook)
    and (FREE eBook)

    The Catholic Media is also infested with Masonic Pied Pipers.
    ALL CATHOLICS MUST WATCH the investigative series in Ordo Militaris Radio TV especially:

    “Frankism, Judaism & Catholicism: The need for transparency in Catholic Media”

    and many more at Ordo Militaris Radio TV

    ITALY: Bannon successfully defends against fraud case in Trisulti Monastery lease

    Whoever controls MSM controls the world!
    Who owns the media

    Fr. Pavone is one of the good priests that the communists want to get rid of in the Catholic Church.

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