Marshall interviews Pavone on the Political Motivations behind his “defrocking”

Editor’s Note: You cannot watch and listen to this short report, without understanding why those Catholics who say, “Benedict XVI is the Pope and Bergoglio is not”, are 100% on the money, as we say in the USA. — And yes, we told you so….

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5 thoughts on “Marshall interviews Pavone on the Political Motivations behind his “defrocking””

  1. Laicizing Fr. Pavone just like he was some disloyal employee was WRONG.

    But I hate to give you the news: many of these mega ministries are a scam. They achieve nothing but they are constantly raising money. Years ago I sent a $25 (US) donation to Fr. Pavone. Only 48 hours later I had a request for more funds. Then they started arriving almost daily. I kept them in a separate box as they piled up. I concluded that $200+ were invested in the following months to keep sending me requests for donations over and over and over. Besides my good intentions, those $25 did not do any good to anyone.

    I worked for a while for one of those ‘ministries’ one that all of you know very well. I found out it was a SCAM. In time I was fired after being accused of “planning to steal their business” (the boss used those exact words). See him weekly in EWTN and BTW, he’s only feigning being Catholic.

    Many of those ‘ministries’ are clever traps designed to suck money of the wallets of generous Catholics. Give locally to people in need or to honest men like Br. Bugnolo who operates alone without secretaries or big offices. Make sure you are dealing with decent people. Trust no one. Verify everything.

    1. Thank you for the commendation. Yes, if a charity takes on a fund raiser company, that is what happens. But often they do that because they cant afford the staff. I am thankful for my readers. But my methods would never raise enough for me to do anything other. And often I have to borrow to pay expenses, more frequently now that the lockdowns are over. So I understand the temptation to turn commercial. I plan to approach the problem differently, and simply retire once B16 is restored or has a successor. There is no need for me to do into debt to keep doing this. Since I came to Rome, I have racked up $16,000 in debts. Only because the grace of God convinced those who loaned the monies to forgive the debt, without me asking for that, am I “solvent”. And it went all to living expenses. I say this to explain why the choices often are poverty or commercialization. That is why I do not think one should laicize priests if they go commercial, that would be cruel.

      1. It is not hard to organize a fundraising wing for an honest ministry. One or two people with some technical prowess can do it. Of course one has to be in a country that has a decent postal service like the US, Canada or the UK. South of the border it is impossible because nothing works and everyone is crooked. I wish I could send you something but all my means to donate have been curtailed since about a year ago. PPal will only allows me to pay bills. That’s it. Other services have requirements I can’t fulfill from my current residence.

  2. Bro. Bugnolo, What did you mean in your note? Where was it said about , “Benedict XVI is the Pope and Bergoglio is not”?

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