9 thoughts on “Stew Peters: The Nations are being run by Nazis who have no desire to stop killing millions”

  1. Every so many decades a bunch of Germans try to take over the world. They have been beaten every time but they lick their wounds and come back with a new scheme: “Zis taim vee vill prevahil and ze vorld vill ve ours! Don’t be stupid be a smarty come and join the Weffer Party!”

    1. I agree, world peace cannot be ensured until the Catholic Holy Roman Empire is restored and every part of Germany is reduced to a 10000 principalities with no authority.

      1. The German will to power: the putrid efflorescence of Martin Luther’s gnostic revolt against Holy Mother Church

    2. It is because the Jews established their banks in Germany that caused Germans to have ridiculous financial power.

    1. Human Augmentation is another word for “Chaining and Branding the Cattle”. Those who are DeathVaxxed are now tagged. Those who think they are the masters think they are doing a round up. But the Lord has announced His Plans from of old, and the Day of Judgement approaches.

  2. Stew is correct…Time to RETURN LANGUAGE TO TRUTH and end the RE-IMAGINED definitions of evil to sound good. Fauci was NOT ‘The Science’. Smart/15 Minute Cities are Concentration/Re-Education Camps. And, the Vaccines are really POISONOUS Genetic Bioweapons just a Mr. Peters claims. TRUTH just has that special RING!!!

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