3 thoughts on “USA: President of Ukraine addresses joint session of US Congress”

  1. Ukraine wants better weaponry to end the war.
    However the USA is following Germany’s lead in not giving Ukraine state-of-the-art weaponry, for fear of provoking limited nuclear retaliation by Russia and starting WW III.

    Germany wants to continue this war of attrition to keep Russia occupied and weakened; and since Ukraine’s cities are already ruined, –they are content to keep the war going within Ukranian borders for as long as Ukraine can provide fresh cannon-fodder.
    And America thinks that’s a good idea, despite sympathetic virtue signaling in letting the President of Ukraine address a rare joint session of Congress. It’s only window-dressing.
    That’s Realpolitik, folks.

    1. The real politics, is rather that the Rothschilds want clear title to the mineral rights of the Donbas and want Ukraine to hand it over by treaty, everything else is to achieve that end, even the half hearted support of Biden.

    2. Mission accomplished. The West has won again. It will soon inch into Russia in order to conquer Moscow.

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