9 thoughts on “Mel Gibson is evangelizing Keanu Reeves”

  1. You can only convert through love, not force.
    This is why the governments and radicals user force, calumny, and deceit.

  2. Excellent !!!
    Two magnifical persons that belong to God!!

    The question is, where can i attend the mass according to the Tridentine rhite in Rome?

    (Since the New Ordo Missae was due to
    A blackmail against pope Paul the VI )

  3. I was warned by a friend that this might be fake news but my friend wasn’t sure. I would be happy for Keanu of course,
    but I hope it can be verified in coming days.

      1. Now that I examine the photo more clearly, I see that the right arm is clearly pasted on. Yes, the mirror does not show a standing figure next to the chair, but an actor might want to have himself pasted into another scene for privacy sake, or because, as prevails in Europe, you cannot photograph property without the owner’s permission. But the pasted arm puts in doubt that Reeves was actually ever in such a position, because he does not have to fake that. However, this image is in no way part of the first tweet reporting the exchange of the book, and so the truth of the first does not fall upon the second, because even a person with good will could be fooled.

      2. The image of the mirror displays the intention of the maker of that image. If someone’s image is not visible in a mirror, it says something about him/her.

        By the way. I am on Instagram. There is no such message on any of the many accounts of Keanu Reeves or John Wick… Instagram is a platform to share photographs and video clips not messages…

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