NIGERIA: Islamic Radicals massacre 48 in pre-Christmas Terrorist Campaign

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4 thoughts on “NIGERIA: Islamic Radicals massacre 48 in pre-Christmas Terrorist Campaign”

  1. I suggest you look a bit closer at what Islam teaches, and how their terrorists are funded. The CIA is part of their “great Satan” regardless the fact that their deity is almost certainly Satan himself, using an “alias”. They MIGHT take money and weapons from the CIA, at the directionof the real rulers over all our world’s gov’ts, but they would never take orders, or leadership of any sort, from the CIA, or any other such agency; Islam forbids it, just as it forbids allegiance to any leadership, except that of “Allah” and sharia.

    1. Well, your thesis fails on Al Quaeda and ISIS, which were both CIA operations, with leaders trained and formed by the CIA.

    2. Sorry, but you have taken the Agency cool aid. You are one of those that have been indoctrinated by the Agency and do not know it. Maybe you should be researching how the Agency has been able to be used by the freemasons to manipulate the minds on both the so call left and right. The Agency are the puppets of the Deceiver. The are masters on manipulating both sides and making sure that both sides do not know what just happen

      Jesus Christ is the only answer. The genocide in Nigeria, Ukraine, China, Latin America and many other places in the world is persecution of Christians.

  2. Armenia, France and most likely Germany and England are next. The borders have been breached.

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