11 thoughts on “Vatican Christmas Stamps have nude boys as Angels on High”

  1. I showed this to my husband without comment and he said “What is this??!! 2 gay guys??!!”


    1. The gay phobia is a reality.
      Many have been victimized by at least one predator in their childhood. Most likely a guardian at home or school.

      1. Hatred of a sinner is not a phobia. It is an excess of anger which aims at the person rather than at the sin. But when a sinner flaunts his sin, it is morally licit to repulse him or her even physically. And the flaunter of an abomitation which cries out to God for vengeance, does not merit to be protected by the law from inciting the just anger of righteous God fearing persons. Otherwise, how can the society protect itself when the civil law fails to do so. But even in just anger, there is a rule for moderation.

  2. One with his mouth gaping and the angel is angry, leering over the gaping shepherd. Not to mention the sheep who look like olives. Brother your talk about the Hell that has infiltrated the Church is posted at Vox. Great talk, and not one word less than I already knew, as a discerning Catholic. I will thank God that He blessed me with that, but it does seem a gift all who love Christ would have, if they take their blinders off. The men of the church are disordered perverts, almost all of them now. They hardly hide who they are, as we see here. Your talk was beautifully candid and clearly comes from years of witness and experience. Tell me one thing Brother, please. Where is the Holy Mass offered by men of God, today. Does it exist.
    God bless you, and Merry Christmas.

  3. When I saw the naked woman pachamama idol in 2020, I knew this would be coming.

    I would not be surprised if I find out that all the priest naming Bergoglio are gays or sodomites, or having women deacons in the Anti Church. Rome has become the Biblical land of Sodom and Egypt, mentioned in the Book of Revelations.

  4. I have no words for this, fit to post! ( I am fluent in “drunk sailor and Marine”, but rarely use that langage.)

  5. For those of familiar with analyzing images the stamp contains several subliminal messages. I defer to professionals reading this page to make the complete list. This is not a simple drawing.
    Observe the subtle shapes hidden in the angel’s wings, the phallic image in the shepherd’s hands… there is much more but the mere technical description would be too vile to be published here.

    1. I have been observing subliminal messages in cartoons that I have come to conclude any “cartoon” made is actually Masonic, if not witchcraft.

      I too … cannot describe how perverse the images are.

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