Tim Gordon says NOT defending Christians is the right thing to do

Here is the conversation for posterity. Now you understand what kind of theology Tim Gordon learned at the Jesuit University at Rome: Satanic Theology.

Everyone should publicly reprove Mr. Gordon for what he said and demand a public apology to Christendom.

AJ Baalman, comments on recent events and this conversation…

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4 thoughts on “Tim Gordon says NOT defending Christians is the right thing to do”

  1. The horror is that this is the majority’s deed.
    No wonder World War III will happen.
    They did not protect the innocent Christians, so the kings of the East will launch their nuclear missiles all over the world.

    Their praying to demons is now over, they received the sign, and they will send out their missiles and start dominating.

  2. WW3 has already begun, and it is an hybrid war, psy + com + proxie war, with always the aim for the world oligarchy to be richer and richer, to be monsters of power, with huge lies both fronts, and -indeed- remote controlled by the satanists of the deepstate who want to take control of the world, restauring slavery by the technology and transhumanism. That’s all. If christians want to survive, they have to fight this in its entirety.

    1. WW3 is more graphic, this registration is just the control so that people will be twisted into robots and will kill those who “oppose” the war.

      In a war, there would be shortage of food, violence in the streets, and of course everything you saw in Ukraine: including the spies and destruction of physical buildings.

      What is happening in Ukraine and Africa is an “opening act”.

  3. Years ago I heard TG express himself in various videos conversing with a variety of Cattlick talking heads. I did not like what I heard.
    Good thing that was the last time I paid him any attention.

    Forget about him and his friends. You won’t be missing much.

    Merry Christmas.

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