Breitbart is on the take from the WEF

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Frank Walker of has called this rightly, when he ran a link to the below article, with the leader on Dec. 25, 2022: “Breitbart floats garbage story …”

It is known that during the Scamdemic, that huge sums of money were paid by governments to news agencies to promote the narrative and the deathvaxxes. Most likely this money was contractually required by their agreements with BigPharma.

That Breitbart is running this story, now, shows that someone is testing the waters to see if this “opposition” news source has any power to promote the same scam twice.

From now on, however, I strongly counsel everyone to STRIKE OUT Brietbart from your list of reliable media, forever. They must considered a WEF agent and servant in everything they do and are allowed to print. This is totally contrary to the interests of the founder.

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9 thoughts on “Breitbart is on the take from the WEF”

    1. I do not work for pay, I am a Franciscan brother. What I do I do freely. Then I beg for my needs. That allows me to say what I believe in the sight of God I must write.

  1. Breitbart has not been the same since the death of Andrew Breitbart. The fact that the Lenninist Steve Bannon lead the newspaper is telling of the direction it took 10 years ago.

  2. I don’t believe the sincerity of this massive death toll in China either. I watched some videos of body bags filmed in China of the new death surge and it rather looked like the bags were just stuffed with something. Perhaps towels or plastic inside the bags but not humans. You could tell by the shape of the bags.
    God bless

    1. They might be stuffed with the executed Catholics turned over by Bergoglio, which I fear.

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