Michael E. Jones: ADL and the Thought Control of Social Media

Editor’s Note: I think Jones’ analysis is superficial. It’s not the ADL but who back them, the Rothschilds. He also errs by seeking a savior in this world, and thus has moved to a pro Russian, pro Iranian position, when he should be simply pro-Christ, which he is not, because he refuses to investigate Rothschild control Russia and Iran.

His knowledge of Twitter is also superficial. Because accounts like @MilitarisCath which oppose globalism are as censored as before. There was only 3 weeks of very limited freedom, but censorship has returned against those accounts. But since he does not advocate complete Catholic approach, he takes no notice.

And thus, in summary, he does not realize that what is going on at Twitter is a limited hangout with the sole purpose of restoring the value of the stock and the effectiveness of the cloaked control systems on thought, while training Musks AI in how to dupe disaffected denizens of the matrix, into thinking the system is on their side.

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4 thoughts on “Michael E. Jones: ADL and the Thought Control of Social Media”

  1. I had great respect for E. Michael Jones until one day he mentioned Juan Peron as someone who installed the Social Doctrine of the Church in Argentina. The ridiculousness of such assertion is like the universe … hard to measure. A cursory reading of history is more than enough to prove that Argentina began to decline in earnest since the day Peron appear in the political scene. That is not an opinion: hard numbers are there to prove it. Unfortunately there are some who present themselves as traditional Catholics who happen to love Peron, who ordered the sacking and burning of the churches in Buenos Aires, was cohabiting with Eva before being married and later cohabited with teenager Nelly Rivas… etc. etc. etc.

    I read a lot of what Dr. Jones writes and I profit from it but since those days I avoid taking his views of Peron, Mugabe, and others seriously.

    1. It is true that once you know your interlocutor is a liar, to stop trying to refuse all his lies. But this link you share seems to be from someone that needs to calm down. I do agree with him about the immigrant to Poland however. Jones is wrong on many things.

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