9 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Counter-Terrorism Units monitoring anti-Scamdemic Religiously motivated Extremism”

  1. THEY KNOW THEMSELVES TO BE THE TERRORISTS. This is what happens when a Constitutional Republic is DISARMED.

  2. Maybe a number of concerned citizens should start calling and reporting the gov’t and its agencies for spreading false information and lies about it. Perhaps if enough did so they’d figure out they’ve been busted, and people know who the liars really are!

  3. People would be seeing nurses, old housewives, cow farmers, and even grocery store clerks as terrorists, on TV.

    This if does not awaken the public, means the country is doomed.

  4. From the same (white nationalist) Telegram channel I see she must have been referring to the standoff and mass shooting in Queensland on Dec. 12, where two police officers and ‘conspiracy theorists’ Gareth, Nathaniel and Stacey Train were killed.

    From the Telegram channel:

    “Queensland police admitted they’d visited the Train property multiple times (its not clear how many times exactly) throughout the year, looking for former school teacher Nathaniel Train. He was being investigated for “crossing a state border illegally” (during covid lockdowns) carrying firearms registered to him.

    It’s becoming clear the Train family felt harassed, had (likely) travelled to attend protests against the lockdowns, were trying to evade arrest and had grown paranoid.”


    1. The news coverage in Australia is certainly not objective, constantly pushing ad hominems to explain victims reactions to police and state malfeasance.

  5. The incident in Queensland Australia that Astrid refers to has followed two years of prolonged brutality by police against the Australian public. It is no surprise that it happened .Cops in Australia are hated.

    Australian police are a crime gang. For two years, they terrorized the public, and dealt brutally with peaceful people who were just protesting about insane and unlawful restrictions brought in under the covid scamdemic. What they did will never be forgotten or forgiven. They are plain thugs.

    It was the police who instigated the violence every time, which I witnessed myself.

    Along comes the Queensland shooting of two cops and suddenly everything changes according to the media. They are now heroes .

    This is most likely a deliberate provocation by police to cause a shooting so that gun rights can be further restricted, and police and governments can violate peoples rights with impunity.

    1. In fact, since the 3 citizens were all killed, and there were no other witnesses, we may never know what the Police were actually doing or how the exchange of gunfire happened. Do I believe the police version of the news. Certainly not. I am just reporting the report of the report.

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