Dr. McCoullough: DeathVaxxed still producing mRNA after 90 days, are transmission threat

Editor’s Note: If this is true — and one should entertain doubt, because the voices which say this can happen all insist that Viruses are a thing and can infect you — then the question comes to (1) degredation-time, that is, how long the mRNA can last outside of the human body before it sufficiently degrades to not be a threat, and (2) what kinds of tissues are susceptible to transmission.

See that the AP took pains to deny in 2021, the very thing which Dr. McCoullough is now affirming, it is much to be doubted that mRNA does not “shed”. This is a known phenomenon in parasites in molds, so why not now among humans? However, since no one has ever demonstrated that spouses cause one another to genetically transform, there is a lot of questions that need to be asked and a lot of greater precision in what exactly is being discussed, when one speaks of mRNA transmission being a threat.

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10 thoughts on “Dr. McCoullough: DeathVaxxed still producing mRNA after 90 days, are transmission threat”

  1. THIS is why Hazmat Suits are needed.

    I suspect even those gravekeepers and funeral parlor workers who pulled the blood from the dead are now carrying those IBM-chipped alien hydras in their blood.

    1. I don’t agree. The vaccine vials were kept at -70 degrees to ensure that the Bluetooth nano technology did not self assemble. So there is no way that this can be transferred from one person to another at human body temperature.

      A completely different thing is the snake venom lipid particles which supposedly are shed by people recently vaccinated. But even then, the human body will naturally clean this out.

      1. John, here we are talking not about the nanotech, but the mRNA, which if it can be transferred to one human cell from another human cell IN THE SAME BODY AND BODY TEMPERATURE, then why not from one human cell to another human cell IN ANOTHER BODY, at body temperature. This is the risk we must now consider.

  2. Agreed, it is the risk, and it’s what then establishes the “venom factory” in the new host body, IF it’s retained long enough to alter the new host’s DNA to do that! The IF there is the new host’s not suppressed immune sysyem! Part of the jabs is an immunosuppressant, to prevent the normal immune response from rejecting that foreign protein, without which the body recognizes an invader (unlike our regimes in power today) and promptly musters all defenses against it to repel it. You may get “spiked” by someone jabbed, and experience symptoms, from that foreign invader, but if your immune system is healthy, those should be short- lived. Those symptoms are just your body fighting off the threat. So take steps to boost your natural immune system, and remember, it’s our God-given protection against such invasion. He knew what He was doing, when He built that in, after all!

    1. Amen & AMEN !!

      Two years ago, I and my elder son who lives with me, both decided [after doing independent research] that the “vaccines” were a potential death threat so we were never, ever going to take them, therefore we needed to strengthen our immune systems as much as possible. We acquired vitamin supplements, started eating lots of fresh vegetables in addition to our normal fruit intake, and increased our “fresh air & exercise” routines – he does lots of cycling, I do lots of walking.

      In the subsequent months it also became a priority for us to know who amongst our family and friends had, or were planning to, take the ‘death-vaxxes’, and to avoid any form of bodily contact with them due to a possible “shedding” risk……a risk which is far more manifest now than around 18 months ago!!

      I think it is also wise to avoid any prolonged exposure to crowds, especially within enclosed spaces e.g. public transport. I have noticed some cold/flu-like symptoms in myself, on a few occasions over the past year or so, which I can link directly to those ‘crowded indoor spaces’…….but, thankfully, my strong immune system has cleared my body of whatever toxins were troubling it, within a few days.

      DEO gratias.

  3. I agree with the recommandations. As we do not know exactly yet the danger of this new thing (transmissible mrna or even, electromagnetic emissions?), it’s better to limit frequentation of poisonned people. Personnaly I’ve experienced diverse weird effects in their presence, shared with my “like us” relatives (tacchycardie, feeling unwell, disgusting smell of them, sudden headaches, deep need to sleep, etc.) I’ve made the deduction that they were emetting something, before knowing that the shedding could exist. I also experienced that after a shower from feet to head, the effects vanish, that’s why I would advice not going to bed without having washed well. And during the day, well washing hands + face if they have talked close to us. Open regularly the windows (all your colleagues will hate you but your health comes first!) And avoid buffets and cocktails where the salive is spread everywhere 🙁 (last time I didn’t eat anything, and kept a hand above my glass!).. and wearing glasses is not bad!
    Anyway, I was wondering why suddenly masks + pass were abolished last spring.. let’s imagine it was part of the plan, that everybody – of course – were willing to behaviour again as humans with kissing and hugging their friends, after 2 years of insane measures worldwide..

    1. You don’t need masks if you want the disease to spread.

      You only need masks if you want the people to believe the covid narrative.

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