6 thoughts on “FRANCE: Kurds Riot and take over the streets of Paris”

  1. Paris (and other cities) is a mix of the worst of immigration. Massively. I do not understand why there are still tourists there. The former empire capital and city of lights, with marvellous magnetism and perspectives, is now a city of darkness, illness and rats.

  2. Won’t happen in America, because the immigrants did not come from the desert, but from Catholic nations.

    I guess the true Catholics (refugees) would be in America once the dying of the vaccinated starts.

  3. I have thought that the border immigration could oneday mean the homogenization of the races of Latin Americans to the extent that the AngloSaxon/ Irish / Black/ Am Indian would be no more the same . Is this another race war ? Or is it a religious war ? Illegal immigration is definitely a war tactic and a serious one…and, to my mind…one that far seeing politicians need to stand together against it.

  4. The RE-IMAGINED ‘Illegal Immigrants’ once defined ‘Illegal Aliens’ is in all actuality ‘HERDED INSURENTS’ AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE. The International Mob is HERDING POVERTY STRICKEN AND IGNORANT HUMANS into developed Northern Hemisphere. MUST STOP REFERING TO MOB RE-IMAGINED LANGUAGE MAKING EVIL SOUND AS GOOD. We all know the infrastructure for SLAVERY controlled by CONSTANT SURVEILLANCE, CENSORING, FACE RECOGNITION, SOCIAL CREDIT SCORING is far more easily and economically possible in the developed western world.

  5. The masonic globalists will be loving this!
    It is the deadly result of rampant, unchecked, Muslim [and other non-Christian] immigration coupled with a manifestly effeminate/sodomite/lukewarm Church hierarchy, within the nation once worthy to be described as “The Eldest Daughter of the Church”!!

    The globalist-puppet “president” Macron, fake “catholic” that he is, will no doubt offer some meaningless platitudes to the MSM whilst he awaits his next command from the WEF…….!!

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