5 thoughts on “AUSTRALIA: Moderna signs deal for 100 million mRNA DeathVaxxes at Melborne Facility”


    A lot of people receiving the 4th dose are DYING!
    (Probably is the batch designed to kill the stupid ones,
    that do not understand that this “pseudovaccine”
    is not only UNUSEFUL, but also TOXIC and DEADLY).
    And my brother and his wife, his son and daughter
    live there in Australia and are eager to get “vaxxxinated”!

    1. According to several insider whistle blowers, each dose received has an increased level of the killer toxins, so the more doses received the faster they are killing you, but the catch is you may not actually die for months or yrs after being jabbed, allowing the connection to the jabs as COD to be blurred or erased…

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