Dr. Tenpenny interviews Attorney Todd Callender: Latest News about Perpetuating the Scamdemic

Take-Aways: Homo Borg Genesis is what is ultimately intended for those who take the DeathVaxxes. — There will be a Marburg Pandemic because the US govt. already funded response to that. — The US Constitution has been suspended since March 2020, when the “Pandemic” was declared. — The Globalists are attempting to install the Soviet System throughout the whole world. — The Economist Magazine is the Rothschild mouthpiece. — Kickback to the Great Reset is causing the Globalist plan to break down. Resistance must increase and continue. — 1 out of 73 who got the early DeathVaxxes are already dead. — The FDA is no longer overseeing any DeathVaxx production, no standards whatsoever, upto 49% of the contents of which can change at any moment. This is planned Democide, the Scamdemic has not stopped. The Globalists intend to inject everyone with this, no matter what they call the injection, a flue shot, or a vaccine, or a booster. — We have to create parallel societies, now, posthaste. — We have to opt out of what the Globalists are proposing. — Callender: Since March 2020, all police and governments knew the contents of our Criminal complaint, which refers to all what we have discussed today, but they did not care. — In the USA, One to Two Million are no longer paying taxes nor using their SSN numbers, in protest to what has happened. — Our rule of life must now be: God & No! that is, build your relationship with the Creator and say NO to everything the Globalists propose. — Subsequent to this interview is a premium offer for those subscribed to Tenpenny’s podcasts on Borg Genesis.

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4 thoughts on “Dr. Tenpenny interviews Attorney Todd Callender: Latest News about Perpetuating the Scamdemic”

  1. IV ozone treatment for hemorrhagic diseases: It works!
    It even works for plain old flu; I had this 2hr outpatient treatment when coming down with flu in 2006.
    I walked into the alternative medical clinic with a fever, feeling awful, walked out 2 hrs later with no fever, feeling better; next day I was 100% fine.
    The only bad part was that my health insurance wouldn’t cover this treatment, so I had to pay cash; but it was worth it, as I was then the 24/7 carer for an elderly relative– who, thanks to my early treatment, never got the flu and lived another healthy decade until he died peacefully and in entire possession of his wits aged 99 in 2020.
    BTW, even in 2006 I had an intuition that we should no longer take ANY flu shots, just take vitamin C, D, B, K; magnesium, zinc, and trust in God’s Providence.
    There are many worse things than death!
    From then on, none of our household had so much as a winter cold, –which we had previously had every year we had taken the flu shot.

  2. Superb interview, I needed to view it twice to ensure I could absorb all the well-detailed information & recommendations.

    It is indeed good to witness two such erudite professionals stressing the priority of “building your relationship with GOD” and “saying NO to anything planned & implemented by the globalists”!!

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