ROME: False Religion at the service of Eliminating the Elderly

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A whistle-blower has brought to the attention of FromRome.Info the horrific news that the Saint Egidio Community — already notorious for the promotion of false religion, false ecumenism and the most outrageous neo-modernism and neo-modernistic iconography — has partnered with the Italian Government of Lazio and the Non-Profit Lazio Crea (Lazio Creates) to promote the DeathVaxx campaign of the elderly, by distributing flyers door to door in mailboxes of the city.

The Satanic deception is being delivered under the slogan, “Viva gli Anziani!” (Long live the Elderly). It specifically asks the recipients to make sure all the elderly get their winter-flu shot & Covid-19 DeathBooster.

This campaign follows the complaints in Italian Parliament that the national government no longer can afford the pensions and medical care offered to 40% of Italy’s population, who are elderly.

Some residents have reported being cajoled and terrorized with false medical information insisting that Viruses exist and that SarsCov2 is deadly, and that the DeathVaxxes and DeathBoosters are harmless, safe and effective.

Innumerable reports for the last 14 months, from all over the world, disprove each of these claims in ample detail, as has reported daily.

Below is the copy of the flyer:

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9 thoughts on “ROME: False Religion at the service of Eliminating the Elderly”

  1. By killing the elderly, the youth will become more belligerent and practice perversion.

    1. The youth who advocate “euthanising” their elders do not realise that the same will be done to them when they are old and “no longer useful to society.”

  2. The population imbalance of elderly to young like so many evils has come to pass because of the widespread use of contraceptives and the preference for small families. The pharmaceutical industries have been raking money in for a long time.

  3. The important thing to remember is that the flu shot is now as dangerous as the covid jab; it too is contaminatedby the mRNA spikes. All vaccines now are. So calculate your risk/benefit including that risk, before you take, or allow your children to receive, ANY vaccine going forward.

  4. Both branches (Discalced & Ancient Order) of the Order of Our Lady of Mt Carmel metaphorically “traded their birthright for a mess of pottage” when they became UN NGO’s. Less time for contemplative prayer, more time for virtue-signalling committee meetings; they dig wells in 3rd-world countries whilst countenancing the UN’s population control policies.

    The Carmelites in Rome were the originators of the ecumenical, modernist San Egidio Community. I smelled a rat decades ago when they became SWJ “social workers.”
    I was asked to join and work with them, –but backed away in horror to become a “plain clothes, undercover” hermit in the Carmelite tradition, –weeping over the state of the Church and the order which seems to have lost, or been robbed, of its contemplative charism.

    Thanks to “Cor Orans” Bergoglio is snuffing out the last faithful Carmelite monasteries {spiritual powerhouses of prayer for the Church] dedicated to contemplative prayer.
    Yet I trust to the promise made by Our Lord to St Teresa of Avila, that “the Carmelite Order would endure to the end of time.”

    “Is there no one who weeps for Jerusalem?”
    “How long, O Lord?”

    1. Kind Catholic families took the poor religious in so they can pray. A faithful would not bear seeing a nun or a friar begging for food and praying on the streets on a cold winter or in a rainy storm.

  5. La Comunita’ di Sant’Egidio ha smesso di essere “santa” da molto tempo. Come la Caritas Italiana ed Europea, e’ diventata un ‘club’ liberale/comunista, che fa solo finta di aiutare chi dovrebbe essere aiutato. Un po’ come tutte le grandi organizzazioni mondialiste, politche che comandano sull’Europa e non esportano la ‘democrazia’ ma vanno a distruggere altre nazioni, che conosciamo tutti bene, Sant’Egidio e la Caritas sono ‘hub’ di soldi!

    This Community of Sant’Egidio stopped being “holy” long ago. Just like Caritas. They have become communist ‘clubs’ but not for those who are really in need, but for themselves. Organizations of liberal and communist ideology, similar to the political organizations that we know very well, those that say they want to export “democracy’, but in reality they just aim in conquering other lands. These organizations are no longer helping the needy, but they are money hubs….for ideological means (say the current trend in the Vatican). Will never give a penny to any of them!!

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