USA: Arizona judge gives green-light to intentional & malicious voter disenfranchisement

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3 thoughts on “USA: Arizona judge gives green-light to intentional & malicious voter disenfranchisement”

  1. Everybody KNEW it was a CHARADE just as the Elections and Counting are. We’ve KNOWN since the viable evidence was refused a Court Hearing to allow Formal Presentation for the 2020 Elections. This means there is only one way to regain our Republic based in ‘The Constitution of the United States’ and there’s no doubt all the extra funding provided by Congress is going to support the War of the Fascist U.S. UNELECTED Govt. against ‘The People’ they are messing with. There are no more choices and War is always the result of NO JUSTICE.

  2. The obvious, less violent solution is to throw out computer and postal voting.
    Return to paper votes, and strictly observed locked wooden ballot boxes under continual supervision by poll-watchers of both, and neutral political parties as votes are counted.

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