Anyone who has received the Covid-19 Vaccine is ineligible to be elected Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Physical integrity has long been considered a requirement for holding office in the Church. So much so that in ancient times, in certain cases, it was required that the candidate prove he was a man.

The liberty from coercion is also legally required, because someone who is not free in mind, cannot be held to have freely accepted an office to which he was elected.

This is all the more a concern in the case of anyone who has nanotech injected into their bodies. Since this grows circuits and optical cables, it is not only a threat to their personal heath and liberty, it also puts in grave doubt their ability to make free acts or to do so in the privacy of their minds’ thoughts.

Since all these concerns are on the table, as it were, in the case of someone who has been DeathVaxxed, the election of such a person would be put in canonical doubt.

A pope must serve Jesus Christ. Someone who has taken what appears to be the mock up or roll out of the Mark of the Beast is clearly doubtfully a servant of Christ or a member of the Mystical Body.

It is my opinion, therefore, that such a person cannot lawfully be elected Roman Pontiff. He would always be a papa dubius, which according to jurisprudence, is a papa nullius, that is, a non-pope.

The election of anyone who will not disclose his vaxx status, should not be accepted, therefore, in any way whatsoever.

Likewise, as regards the Cardinal Electors in a Conclave.

The papal law on conclaves forbids absolutely that any electronic devices be admitted into the proceedings. If any Cardinal elector, validly nominated by Pope Benedict XVI or John Paul II — there are no others — has been deathvaxxed with nano-tech that is growing electronic circuits which can be used for remote sensing, then it is doubtful that the Conclave would be valid, if they were permitted to enter. Likewise for all those allowed entrance who are not Cardinals, for purposes of assisting in the ceremonies. This is a serious matter, but perhaps only those who are emitting MAC addresses must be refused entrance, since these alone are communicating with the outside world on bluetooth wavelengths.

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9 thoughts on “Anyone who has received the Covid-19 Vaccine is ineligible to be elected Pope”

  1. I would rather worry about them being alive for next year than for their lust for power.

  2. Fra Bugnolo, this is one of your best….in preparation and in anticipating the immediate future! SUPER!!

  3. Agreed 100%!! It is clear that Divine Providence is putting “to the test” everyone who claims to be a Roman Catholic, whether cleric or lay, in order to ensure that it is just the faithful remnant [which will not be huge…] who are worthy to continue the mission of Holy Mother Church beyond this present crisis & chaos.

    I am reminded of a quotation along the lines of: “GOD’s most terrible chastisements upon Catholics are when He sends us priests & prelates who have not the One True Faith” – but I cannot recall the author of these sobering words……

    1. Those words may be from St Ignatius de Loyola since he warned his spiritual sons not to climb to papacy.

      1. Same, I thought the exact same thing and that was before reading your comment… I wonder what scared the globalists Enough to kill such an elderly man? Maybe he knew too much?

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