FROMROME.INFO – Dec. 28 Report – Pope Benedict XVI falls very sick

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8 thoughts on “FROMROME.INFO – Dec. 28 Report – Pope Benedict XVI falls very sick”

  1. Thank you, Brother, for keeping us appraised of what is really going on – and for being a constant source of truth through this –
    how awful to think about the death vax having been forced on our true Pope!

  2. Brother, I know it’s so late there – or rather early in the morning – I keep having this inner sense that our true Pope may have already passed – and the charlatans are withholding this info until “they” can figure out how to manipulate this situation for their advantage and keep from acknowledging that Pope Benedict is the true pope – with all that this will mean for his funeral and the aftermath. Maybe I’m crazy, maybe this is a mere conspiracy theory, but maybe it’s a logical deduction, based upon the lies and deceits we’re constantly being fed ~~. Our Lady of Fatima, intercede for Pope Benedict and for the whole Church.

    1. He is not dead. The AP is twisting words to day he is worsening. The Vatican Press release used that word as regards recent weeks.

  3. Thankyou Brother Alexis for your clear explanation of the situation, and what needs to happen when GOD calls the immortal soul of Pope Benedict XVI to its eternal rest.

    I am not expecting to find any such lucid explanation anywhere else on Roman Catholic media…….but if perchance I do come across one, I will share it here!

    The Vatican’s ‘pushing’ of the death-vaxxes will condemn the immortal souls of all those involved to eternal hellfire……!!

  4. He looks very sick indeed these days. Maybe he has contracted an autoimmune disease and/or some form of AIDS.
    That is why his diagnosis is not being published.
    Ask a Doc and a nurse about a visual diagnosis of his symptoms. Benedict XVI needs ALL our Love and Prayers!
    God willing he can be healed medically.

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