Jesuit Magazine, “America” gloating like a vulture at Pope Benedict XVI’s Bedside

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This is disgusting.

The Holy Father lies in bed, very sick, and the Jesuit magazine in the USA, runs a pre-prepared story about what happens when a Pope emeritus dies.

The piece is a work of pure propaganda.

The status of Pope emeritus is not an office, first of all, so there is no special procedure for when one dies.

Pope Benedict XVI clearly uses the term not officially, and thus is playing with the word “emeritus”, which in Latin has the double meaning of “retired” and “the one who is worthy to be called such”. And Cionci has proven clearly in his book, the Ratzinger code, that the Holy Father means the latter.

Moreover, the Holy Father has adopted this non existent title, Pope emeritus, precisely to avoid being reckoned as having validly renounced, in accord with chapter II of Boniface VIII decretals on Renunciations, whereby if one accepts another office, one’s renunciation must be considered valid, even if juridically irritus.

The America article is an AP story, showinng the lock-step unity between the Rothschilds, the CIA and the Society of Jesus in defending the legal pretentions of Bergoglio to be the pope.

The key lie, in the article is this:

“The only thing certain is that the most important ritual following the death of a pope—a conclave to elect a new one—does not apply.

The exact opposite is the truth, because Pope emeritus = True Pope.

The article then goes on to build the rationale for denying the Holy Father a funeral as the pope. They want to give him the funeral of a bishop emeritus of Rome. Something which also has never existed.

The spin is now in high gear. This confesses that everyone knows that Benedict XVI is the true pope, and that the obstruction of the election of his successor is of top priority at the Vatican and in Washington D. C., and Basel, Switzerland, home of the Bank of International Settlements.


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13 thoughts on “Jesuit Magazine, “America” gloating like a vulture at Pope Benedict XVI’s Bedside”

  1. This morning I am mortified by all this news.

    It seems impossible that there is not about to be a hellish unleashing of some sort!


    1. “Where the body lay, the vultures gather”
      – Gospel according to St. Matthew

      This proves the majority of clergy surrounding Pope Benedict XVI have become vultures ( blackened by mortal sins ).

  2. No matter who is dying, the Pope or the greatest sinner, an immortal soul is getting ready to face eternity. and the greats and the leasts need lots of prayers.

  3. In my twitter feed, people are posting RIP!!! Of course I am praying for his speedy recovery.

    1. If a saint dies, there will be a miracle in the sky. If a martyr dies, there is a great sign in the sky.

      If the Pope is murdered by his enemies, expect a grand miracle to pour forth from the sky that only The Most High God can will to express his righteous anger.

  4. They’ve been hoping he’d die for years now but God protects the Pope. He may pass into eternity from this illness but I don’t think so. God alone numbers his days, not catty, despicable Jesuits

  5. There is a veritable mega-flock of vultures, cleric & lay, who call themselves ‘Roman Catholic’, all of whom will not shed any tears when the immortal soul of Pope Benedict XVI is called to its eternal rest.
    They are all ‘wedded’ to the heretical Bergoglian anti-church.
    They have severed themselves from the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

    This scenario will really “sort the wheat from the chaff” and each one of us should be able to see this separation clearly within our own Catholic communities……?!

    “Holy Michael the Archangel, defend us in the day of battle……etc.”

  6. We should all take up our rosaries and pray for justice in the Vatican, which is long overdue, in my opinion.

    1. God will. When the weeds were sown back at Vatican II, God is very patient for their repentance and conversion.

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