As Benedict lies in bed, LA7 TV pushes fake narrative, “When he renounced the Pontifical”

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Gross and obscene is the only word for it. For as the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI is bedridden with complications with his kidneys, LA7, a TV channel which broadcasts to Italy and near by nations, has the impudence to speculate that the Pope is near death, while affirming the fake news, long ago repudiated by its source, Giovanni Chirri, that the Pope renounced the Pontificate.

That lie was exposed and the historical record corrected in the now famous 2021 documentary, A Message in a Bottle. Pope Benedict XVI never said that he renounced the pontificate. That message was the invention of an ANSA reporter who did not know her Latin.

The LA7 report, begins with a youngster standing just outside of St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, saying, that Pope Benedict “renounced the pontifical” (Pontificio)! The correct Italian “Pontificate” (Pontificato) seems unknown to him.

Click the link above to watch the 2:58 broadcast.

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3 thoughts on “As Benedict lies in bed, LA7 TV pushes fake narrative, “When he renounced the Pontifical””

  1. Pope Benedict XVI will get well soon …

    Unless the Space-Time line
    Has changed. Which will be
    Very Bad for me… meaning
    That we are in “Jelly Future”.

  2. LA7: pure globalist narration. A bunch of NON-journalist reporting not facts, but the ‘dictated, liberal sensationalism , so dear to Pacha Vatican.

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