9 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI: Progressive Kidney Failure & Heart Palpitations”

    1. It is not know with certainty, but the Vatican claims he has gotten 3 doses of the Sputnik, and he may have had the 4th recently.

      1. I can’t believe the statements of the satanic Vatican. I don’t believe he accepted to be inoculated.

      2. While I agree with you regarding statements, I have no doubt that Bergoglio would have used every means to deathvaxx the Holy Father.

  1. Again…this article uses the word “supporting” the Church rather than “sustaining” the Church. That is a big difference.

    With all the evidence that Pope Benedict is the true Pope…if he passes on…who will be SUSTAINING the Church?

    I don’t know about others but I interpret this as a colossal big deal!

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