VATICAN: Pope Benedict XVI reportedly very ill


Pope Francis asks for prayers for ‘very ill’ Benedict XVI

Vatican City ( KAP)

In a press release, the Vatican announced today at around 11:30 a.m.:

“Regarding the health of the Pope Emeritus, for whom Pope Francis requested prayer at the end of this morning’s general audience, I can confirm that there has been a deterioration in recent hours due to advancing age. The situation is currently still under control and is constantly monitored by the doctors. Following the general audience, Pope Francis went to the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery to visit Benedict XVI. We join him in praying for the Pope Emeritus”.


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23 thoughts on “VATICAN: Pope Benedict XVI reportedly very ill”

  1. Why would you say ‘Pope Francis asks for prayers for ‘very ill’ Benedict XVI’ when Francis is clearly not a Pope and you deny it, too.

    1. We are just reporting the news release in English, given by the Vatican. We are not the authors of the release.

    2. Every word uttered by PachaPope Jorge, in the past 10 years have been ambiguous or at least misleading and purposely thrown there, to build confusion in the minds of the “obedient” Catholics. Meaning those sheep that, instead of discerning with their own brain if what they heard was just or unjust, they..went along with it “because it came from the “Pope”. But the first thing they should’ve analysed was : “Jorge is NOT A POPE”… and the facts are clearly out. If he truly asked for ‘prayers for Pope Emeritus’ it must be another one of his misleading statements. In the last month or so, Benedict XVI has gotten more attention than in the last 8 years. Bergoglio realized that his own popularity was diminishing and that more and more people were questioning his identity and his modus operandi. I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist, however…. “prayers” asked from PachaBergoglio sound more like another ambiguity to mis-direct the …true sheep!

  2. I think Pope Benedict has been poisoned. Not the first Pope either. Pope John Paul I. Poisoned on purpose. Reminder: POPE JPII. NOT A SAINT!

  3. Sadly, we can only wonder if this situation is “man-made” by the true Pope’s handlers – as a response to the growing support for the true Pope – as evidenced by the magnificent rally in Rome a few weeks ago – and its aftermath —

  4. Quoting from the CNA article:

    At the end of his weekly public audience, Pope Francis had asked for prayers for Benedict XVI’s health.
    “I ask to all of you a special prayer for the pope emeritus Benedict, who, in silence, is sustaining the Church,” he said.

    [End quote]

    This is very concerning and gives me a sick feeling. According to this article Francis actually said Pope Benedict is sustaining the Church in his silence!


    This cannot be overlooked. And the timing…on the eve of the new year.

    Lord help us all in 2023.

  5. It is time for each one of us to go all out and proselytize every Catholic we know that they may know that Pope Benedict XVI is the legitimate Pope and Bergoglio the antipope. No time to lose!

  6. After the departure of the only true Pope, once the Katechon won’t be on Earth, how long will last the reign of the anti-Christ? It’ll be very hard, be prepared.

    1. The Bible repeats a seven year reign, the last weekof years of Daniel’s seventy weeks (of years) prophecy, and it’s divided into two parts of three and a half years each. This is the time limited reign of anti- Christ. But THE Church ofJesus Christ cannot be here on Earth for those seven years, because the indwelling Holy Spirit He bestowed on each of us at redemption unto salvation, block the action of anti-Christ, so must be removed before he can be revealed as anti-Christ (the event we call the Rapture, or “snatching away”, as described by both Jesus and Paul). That said, the person to be revealed as the anti-Christ is here now, and likely somewhat known, but not as that role he will assume for those seven years to come.

    1. You are correct, “sick servant” is an insult in English, “servant who is sick” is the correct expression.

    1. That is Dr. Zenone, fierce enemy of Andrea Cionci, who is watching over the bed of the Holy Father, hoping he dies.

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