Airton Vieira: A Morte Bento XVI (At the death of Benedict XVI …)

Editor’s Note: This 1:45:00 video by the editor of the Katejon Journal in Brazil is NOT about the death of Pope Benedict XVI, but about the canonical consequences in the hypothetical case that he would die before Bergoglio. In the Portuguese speaking world, the Katejon journal in Brazil is the flagship journal for news about Pope Benedict XVI.

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3 thoughts on “Airton Vieira: A Morte Bento XVI (At the death of Benedict XVI …)”

  1. Do you happen to have a current link to the Katejon Journal? I had bookmarked it because I would visit it often, but for several months it says the site can’t be reached. Thanks.

    1. Good afternoon, Charmaine!

      Unfortunately, our site suffered an attack and since then I have not been able to recover it. God willing, next year we will create another one. Until then, we will use Youtube in the fight for God, the Church and the Papacy, in addition, of course, to the most important thing: our prayers and vigilance.
      We count on your prayers. God blesses!

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