De Donatis asks clergy of Rome to remember Pope Benedict XVI at Mass

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is an old Roman proverb, “Say nothing ill of the dead”.  But like every traditional rule of morality, the Mafia of St. Gallen trample it underfoot like  a pearl thrown to swine, who know not the value of pearls.

And so it is, while the Holy Father lies in bed, stable, not dying, altert, not unconscious, Father Angelo De Donatis, who was put in the place of the Cardinal Vicar of Rome, has has the impious gall to send a letter to the clergy of Rome, insulting the Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI even while he asks for prayers for him.

The garrulous malice is spewed out in omissions, where in the text of the letter he says, “Benedict XVI” without title!

Aha! I say. Your lie has condemned you. Because in not calling him “Pope emeritus” you admit that no such office exists, but by calling him by his regnal name, you admit he is still the pope, and thus condemn yourself for impiety and usurpation, since the Holy Father made you neither Vicar of Rome nor Cardinal. You are merely a priest, illicitly made a bishop, and excommunicated ipso facto for that!

But De Donatis goes deeper into impiety, by calling Pope Benedict, later on in the Letter, “our Bishop emeritus”.

Then he adds insult to injury, as it were, by saying that tomorrow, December 30, the Vicar of the Archpriest of the Lateran Basilica will offer mass for the health of Pope Benedict XVI. A vicar of an archpriest! Can one find a lower office to celebrate a mass for a reigning Pontiff?

With this letter De Donatis has sealed his fate as a vicious schismatic, who insults Popes on their sickbed and attempts to rub in as much insult as possible, while feigning piety.

But the justice of God sees all, and gives to all their recompense!

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4 thoughts on “De Donatis asks clergy of Rome to remember Pope Benedict XVI at Mass”

  1. This request to mention Pope Ben XVi in Mass tells me, God is in full control. The Holy Father has been ignored for many years by the Church, while he still wears white, this is God pulling and reminding His Church to pray for the Holy Father. AKA, the cunning of reason, bringing about the very opposite of “their” very intentions. Such as the mocking of Our Lord with a Crown of thorns & INRI on the Cross, which in turn proved Christ’s Kingship.

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