Now is the hour when the masks of silence fall …

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5 thoughts on “Now is the hour when the masks of silence fall …”

  1. Today I was informed of a PRIEST seeking for homosexual partners via TINDER in Mar del Plata, Argentina: “You will recognize me by my cassock” he reportedly said.

    If a giant wave swallows that town whole … now you know why.

    The putrefaction is almost complete.

    1. It will be complete only at the very end when denizens of Hell will burst out from the earth and take them, slaying each and every one of them. Only the faithful who held on to the promise of Our Lady will survive and some who received God’s Mercy.

      The innocent who die outside by then will become martyrs, as the private revelations of Padre Pio said. May God have Mercy on us, repent, repent!

      Our Lady, pray for us.

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