Pope Benedict XVI: Christians have the duty to NOT conform or submit to the Powers of Finance and Media

 Pope Benedict XVI

Address to the Seminarians of Rome

February 15, 2012 A. D.

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Editor’s Note: Here you can see why, the powers of this world wanted Benedict XVI to abdicate. He was opposed totally to their domination, and was intent on teaching the clergy to do the same. A religion exactly opposite to that of the St. Gallen Mafia.


St Paul continues: “Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewal of your mind” (v. 2). “Do not be conformed to this world”. There is the non-conformism of Christians who do not let themselves be conformed. This does not mean that we want to flee from the world, that the world does not interest us: on the contrary we want to transform ourselves and to let ourselves be transformed, thereby transforming the world. And we must bear in mind that in the New Testament, especially in the Gospel according to St John, the word “world” has two meanings and thus points to the problem and to the reality concerned. On one side is the “world” created by God, loved by God, to the point that he gives himself and his Son for this world; the world is a creature of God, God loves it and wants to give himself so that it may really be a creation and respond to his love. But there is also the other conception of the “world” kosmos houtos: the world that is in evil, that is in the power of evil, that reflects original sin. We see this power of evil today, for example, in two great powers which are useful and good in themselves but can easily be abused: the power of finance and the power of the media. Both are necessary, because they can be useful, but are so easy to abuse that they frequently convey the opposite of their true intentions.

We see that the world of finance can dominate the human being, that possessions and appearance dominate the world and enslave it. The world of finance is no longer an instrument to foster well-being, to foster human life, but becomes a power that oppresses it, that almost demands worship: “Mammon”, the real false divinity that dominates the world. To counter this conformism of submission to this power we must be non-conformist: “having” does not count, it is “being” that counts! Let us not submit to the former, let us use it as a means, but with the freedom of God’s children.

Then the other, the power of public opinion. Of course we need information, we need knowledge of world affairs, but then it can be a power of appearance; in the end, what is said counts more than the reality itself. An appearance is superimposed on reality, it becomes more important, and man no longer follows the truth of his being, but wishes above all to appear, to be in conformity with these realities. And Christian non-conformism is also against this: we do not always wish “to be conformed”, to be praised, we do not want appearances, but the truth, and this gives us freedom and true Christian freedom; in freeing ourselves from this need to please, to speak as the masses think we ought to, in order to have the freedom of truth and thus to recreate the world in such a way that it is not oppressed by opinion, by appearances which no longer allow the reality to emerge; the virtual world becomes more real, stronger, and the real world of God’s Creation is no longer seen. The non-conformism of the Christian redeems us, restores the truth to us. Let us pray the Lord that he help us to be free people in this non-conformism which is not against the world but is true love of the world.

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5 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI: Christians have the duty to NOT conform or submit to the Powers of Finance and Media”

  1. Sadly, if covid showed nothing else, it showed how many professing to be Christians have surrendered to Mammon… if you took the jabs to keep a job… that was the will of Mammon!

  2. My (Ordinariate) pastor says that whether Pope Benedict XVI is Canonized or not, his writings justify his being proclaimed a Doctor of the Church.
    This example supports it.

  3. How very providential that this posting appears on the Feast day of St Thomas of Canterbury, Archbishop & Martyr, who defended the Liberty of Holy Mother Church from the secular influences that King Henry II [a Catholic…] wished to impose, in 1170, and was murdered within the Sanctuary of his cathedral by four of the King’s soldiers.

    “Greater love hath no man than this, to lay down his life for his friends.”

    Which is in stark, complete, contrast to all the pathetic spineless hirelings in our so-called Hierarchy who meekly submitted to antipope Bergoglio’s freemasonic/globalist command to shut all our places of worship at the start of the scamdemic in March 2020 and which remained closed for almost three months, through Holy Week, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday and Corpus Christi……!!!

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