At Padua: New Mass Center for Catholics in communion with Pope Benedict XVI

Editor’s Note: There are now at least 8 mass centers for those Catholics in communion with Pope Benedict XVI in Europe. The center announced today is near Venice, and will be inaugurated on January 6, 2023 A. D..

These can be found at:

  • Piccolo Nazereth, at Carini, Sicily, east of Palermo (Daily): Don Pavel, SDB.
  • Foggia, Italy (Regularly)
  • Province of Rome, Italy: Here at the Hermitage of the Holy Cross (occasionally)
  • near Pesaro, in the Marche (Daily Mass): Don Natale
  • Tre Baseliche, Diocese of Treviso, the Little Tabor of the Heart of Christ the King: Pd. Celestino (daily)
  • in the Veneto: Don Enrico (daily Mass)
  • In Eastern Austria: Father Gebhard (daily Mass)

If the Faithful know of priests who celebrate in communion with Pope Benedict XVI and which to publicly announce this, let me know. I know there are priests in Colombia, Mexico and other nations round the world who celebrate daily in communion with Pope Benedict. But I am not free to announce the place, without their decision.

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3 thoughts on “At Padua: New Mass Center for Catholics in communion with Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. I would very much be interested in knowing about priests in Spain, Portugal or Belgium who are in union with Pope Benedict XVI.

    1. There are priests in communion with Benedict XVI in Spain and Belgium, but I do not yet have permission to identify them. Also in Poland, Romania, Nigeria, Australia, USA. This year we are going to try to build a public network and a Guide to Mass Centers round the world. Pray for them all.

  2. I believe that there are a few, widely-spread, Catholics within the Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales who are in communion with Benedict XVI RIP but we do not appear to have any priests who share this reality, and who recognise Bergoglio for the heretical antipope, freemason & globalist that he manifestly is.

    Any useful information would be very helpful, thanks.
    Likewise, if I learn of any relevant details, I will share them here.

    Pax vobiscum.

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