3 thoughts on “British Medical Journal: DeathVaxxes are not safe for young adults”

  1. For a minute, from the headline, I thought the UK was finally catching on, but not yet… There is NO ONE of any age for whom that stuff is safe!

    1. As an Englishman I have, since the ‘scamdemic’ began in March 2020, lost all trust in every one of our medical institutions whether the NHS or the BMJ or whoever is claiming to be “experts” in their particular field of medicine.

      It seems like a nightmare to recall the multiple occasions when the Chief Medical Officer & Chief Scientific Officer were facing the press together with PM ‘Bozo’ Johnson, all of them constantly “reassuring” us of the mortal dangers of Covid-19 and how their lockdowns/masking/social-distancing strategies followed by the “vaccines” were a reliable, trusted cure……!
      But, tragically, this was no nightmare, it was the horrific reality – verily, truth is oftentimes stranger than fiction!!

      Pax tecum.

  2. It’s disgusting that they’re so late to acknowledge the bioweapon isn’t safe for young adults.

    It’s disgusting that the BMJ still won’t acknowledge that their precious bioweapon containing synthetic mRNA and spike protein isn’t safe for older adults, either.

    It’s disgusting that so much death and harm has happened because people like the “experts” at the BMJ thought it was a great idea to rush to inject millions with an experimental gene modification shot.

    It’s disgusting that it wasn’t even safe for any of the poor animals when the Sci-copaths inflicted it on them in earlier experiments before human lab rats took their place.

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