Clergy of Rome pressure De Donatis to preside at Mass for Pope Benedict XVI’s recovery

Editor’s Note: In an amazing turn of events, De Donatis, the acting “Cardinal Vicar” for Rome, who announced the other day that the Vicar of the Archpriest of the Basilica of St. John Lateran would preside at the Mass this evening for the health of Pope Benedict XVI, has decided to preside.

The announcement was marked by FromRome.Info for being an outrageous insult of the Holy Father. The insult revealed that De Donatis knows that Bergoglio and his party are usurpers and rivals of the true Pope. Because otherwise, why be so mean as to snub him, when you yourself are the Vicar of the Diocese of Rome? That kind of pettiness is the clothing of the dishonest.

That De Donatis made a 180 degree turn, means that tremendous pressure was brought upon him by the Clergy of Rome. In the video above one can see numerous bishops and clergy who attended the mass.

This itself it news. And its implications are beyond evaluation at the present moment, other than to say, that this looks good for the restoration of Pope Benedict XVI.

The Clergy of Rome have spoken. And it appears to be strongly in favor of the true Pope Benedict XVI.

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